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Amanda Seyfried’s Sex Story – ‘Sex Is Great’

Amanda Seyfried became world famous after her role in the teen comedy “Mean Girls” before she stared in other blockbusters like “Mamma Mia!” movies. Amanda had a string of relationships before marrying actor Thomas Sadoski in 2017, and her recently leaked explicit photos suggest she has a wild sex life. We hacked her online diary, and we bring you a few entries that explain her hunger for a fat cock. Our story goes back in time when Amanda dated actor Justin Long, as they went on their first holiday as a couple. Their wild illustrated adventure will blow your mind.

Day 1

I was never a person made for long-term relationships. People are writing terrible stories about my love life, and I’m not able to explain myself. This whole situation is the reason why I started writing a diary. I mean, I can’t go to Ellen and tell the entire world and tell the world that I’m a nympho who needs lots of different dicks all the time. I tried my best, but I always ended up breaking up with a guy before the next day I was already dressed as s cheap slut, bringing home a guy that will destroy my pussy. Still, I wanted to give a chance to Justin. We’ve been together for a month now, and I suggested we should go on holiday. I never told him that idea is to check if he can keep up with my sexual appetite or will he become scared. We’ll have to see I guess. We’ll be in our hotel room late this evening, and the fun will start tomorrow.

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Day 2

It all started better than I imagined! While I was taking a bath, he suddenly came to me butt naked and gave me his cock to suck. I was surprised, but I didn’t take more than a few seconds before I started giving him a blowjob. I thought I tried everything, but this was a new experience for me. I took my time, feeling his shaft growing inside of my mouth, but I also had a surprise. When he was ready to cum, I didn’t allow him to pull it out as I swallowed his load! I’m not a big fan of the taste, but I wanted to send him a clear message – ordinary sex is not good enough for me, and won’t ever be! He took a picture of me doing in, and later we made some selfies in front of the mirror. We were both so happy that we did this!

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Day 3

I love sex in the morning! It was probably around 6 AM as I woke up. Justin was still asleep, but this was the perfect time for another test. I’ve got up, dropped my panties and crawled to him like a ninja. I wanted to wake him up by giving him a handjob. It was funny as he opened his eyes like he saw a ghost before a smile came to his face. I know I would be laughing too, but my head was stuck on his boner as I was already giving him a blowjob. He took another picture for the collection before he grabbed my naked ass and inserted his shaft inside of my cunt. He fucked me in the standing position as I was moaning like crazy before he lifted me, impaling my snatch balls deep. That sound of his balls hitting my ass gets me every time. He came inside of me, as his load was running out my pussy — the best way to start a day.

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” I know I would be laughing too, but my head was stuck on his boner as I was already giving him a blowjob. ” – Amanda Seyfried

Day 4

We outdid ourselves! It was late in the afternoon, and we were walking by the beach. Then we saw this guy renting paddle boards, and I got an idea! Minutes later, we were sailing and watching a beautiful sunset while no one was around. As he was lying down on the paddle board, I removed his pants and started deepthroating him. That adrenaline rush I felt in my head and body is something that I can’t describe.

I was gagging on it as my brain was telling me that someone could come any time and catch us. I can’t even imagine all the tabloids headlines. Still, I’ll never regret doing this. I want to live my life to the fullest and suck a dick whenever I want to. The biggest mystery was how did we manage to balance on the board while doing this, but none of us fell into the ocean I decide to finish this session by giving him a handjob, and as I felt he was about to come, I once again took it my mouth and tasted his semen before swallowing it.

Amanda Seyfried

I cleaned up his cock, and we stayed like this for 15 minutes or so, watching the sun going down. I feel that this weekend was a success, so maybe two of us have a future together after all. I doubt I’ll stop dreaming about other dicks, but perhaps I can persuade him to try a threesome. I mean that would only be meaningless sex and would still stay fateful to him. I think he can already sense what I want, so maybe it won’t be that hard to make him fulfill my wishes!

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Amanda Seyfried Leaked Nude Photos

We are so exposed to fake nude pictures of celebrities, that it’s hard to believe that anything is real. Still, it’s now confirmed that leaked photos of Amanda Seyfried are authentic! Famous 33-year-old actress, model and a singer (did you know that?) claim to fame was her first movie “Mean Girls” where she played clueless Karen Smith, and she has two successful “Mamma Mia!” flicks that made her rich.

Amanda had her iCloud account hacked, and the pictures reveal a perfect pair of tits that beg to be sucked. Judging by these photos, it looks like Amanda is proud of her boobs but also her small ass that is exposed as she is in the tub. Her bottom looks even better while she is posing in the bedroom doggy style, getting ready to be fucked by her man. Just look at that perfectly shaped behind that begs to be destroyed! Other shots tell us that she is a pretty perverted lady, as you’ll see her under the shower with a pair of pants on her head, but we also see her flashing the panties outside. Amanda Seyfried is also known for her role of famous porn star Linda Lovelace, and it seems she was the right choice. Nothing proves it better than these incredible pics of her on the paddle board where she is sucking a huge dick, trying to deepthroat it. When you look at her smiling as she is holding a dick in her hand, it’s easy to understand how much fun she had at the moment. Most of the women envy you, Amanda, as you are a brave woman who is not afraid to explore her sexual desires. Plus, how many girls would be ready to suck a shaft with such a passion while on the paddle board? We salute you, Amanda, as we love your perky tits, your small ass that probably tasted a lot of dicks and your sex life that is perhaps wilder than anything we’ve seen from you on the big screen. Keep doing it girl, and please share more of this with us!

Amanda Seyfried Naked Photos

Amanda Seyfried has what you might call unique beauty. What you first notice about her are a pair of large eyes and big natural tits that we saw for the first time in the “Mean Girl” movie in 2004. She has been very active since, as she has a string of successful flicks including “Mamma Mia!” series and “Lovelace”, about famous porn star Linda Lovelace. She had no problem exposing her beautiful body in that one, but as it turns out, Amanda Seyfried has a pretty dirty mind in real life too.

As her leaked pictures show to us, she was inspired by Linda Lovelace and her claim to fame movie, “Deep Throat.” You can see Amanda trying to deepthroat a hard dick on the paddle board, and her smile will tell you how fun it was for her. This star is exhibitionist by nature, and it looks like she is the kind of girl that is always ready to fuck, wherever she is. On some pictures, you can even see her exposing her perfect rear, suggesting that someone explored it with dick. It looks like she is turned on when getting naked in front of other people, as one of the leaked clips shows her taking off her shirt and showing that beautiful titties like it’s not a big deal. Many will also remember her wild lesbian scene with Julian Moore, as they licked and fingered each other. We hope to see more from Amanda in the future, and judging by her habits, that will happen!

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Amanda Seyfried became world famous after her role in the teen comedy “Mean Girls,” but she also gained attention with her recurring role in the TV show “Veronica Mars” and musical films “Mamma Mia” and “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”. Amanda is known for her big eyes, long hair and great pair of tits she likes to show in her movies. She is never afraid to get naked, and her blowjobs skills are perfectly demonstrated in a leaked home video where her boyfriend also fuck her in the bathroom and comes on her ass. Her performance will make you rock hard in seconds!

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