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Born as Amethyst Amelia Kelly Iggy Azalea is 29-year-old Australian rapper and a songwriter. Iggy stepped on the scene in 2013. with a single “Walk” and by the next year she was making hits with likes of Ariana Grande (“Problem”), Charli XCX (“Fancy”) and Rita Ora (“Black Widow”) that top the charts across the world, as did her album “The New Classic.”

Today, Iggy is worth about 6 million dollars as her fortune is growing with every tour, single or album release. At the same time, she is often in the center of media attention, mostly thanks to her wild love life. So far she had dated only black men, including rapper A$AP Rocky and basketball star Nick Young which was even her fiance before they broke up as he was taped bragging about cheating her.

As of 2019, Iggy is dating another American rapper, relatively unknown Playboi Carti.

How Iggy Azalea’s boyfriend destroyed her ass

Since she stepped on the scene, 28 years old Australian rapper Iggy Azalea was in a relationship with several black celebrities, but she never spoke about her private life in public. Luckily, we managed to hack her online diary from the time she was with NBA star Nick Young, so here are a few juicy pages from her life.

Day 1

Iggy Azalea shows cleavage and boobs
Iggy Azalea cleavage
Iggy Azalea belly and cleavage exposed
Iggy Azalea shows belly and sexy cleavage

Nick is on the road trip with Lakers, so I’m home alone. It’s already past 3 AM, but I can’t sleep. I’m reading comments on my Instagram page. People are so obsessed with my ass. I even saw a report about where a few surgeons are discussing if it’s real or not. I find that funny, but let them talk. Of course, I did some work on it, why is that even important? I like it the way it is, and Nick adores it. I could come right now thinking about his cock brutally fucking me.

Day 2

Iggy Azalea topless on Instagram
Iggy Azalea goes topless on Instagram
Iggy Azalea showing off her enhanced nude breasts
Iggy Azalea enhanced nude breasts

I’m going to a party tonight, and I took a few pics for my IG. I like my boobs today, so I’m gonna show them to the world. It will be funny reading comments about them later, but at least they’ll stop thinking about my ass. I already explained that I did enhance my breasts and I’m never going to be ashamed about that. I’m a grown-up person, and I can do whatever I want with my body.

Day 3

Iggy Azalea big breasts look awesome
Iggy Azalea big boobs in sexy bra
Iggy Azalea rubbing pussy
Iggy Azalea puts her hand on her pussy

I felt extra horny today! Nick will come back home in two days, and I told him how much I needed his dick. I explained to him in details what I wanted to do to him, and even mention I’ll let him fuck me in the ass. That is being his obsession for a while, and now that I’ve said it, I can’t stop playing with my pussy. I’m by the pool now, and I even posted a picture where people can see me with a hand on my pussy. It was so wet that I felt that my whole hand could go inside of it. Still, I have to prepare my ass for what’s coming, so I ordered some toys online. They said that the packaging is discrete, so the delivery guy or anyone else won’t know what’s inside the package.

Day 4

Iggy Azalea shows ass in the kitchen
Iggy Azalea ass
Iggy Azalea sexy ass exposed
Iggy Azalea naughty ass exposed
Iggy Azalea sexy ass while preparing meal
“I love being degraded to the level of a cheap whore ” – Iggy Azalea

The package arrived this morning, so I decided to try ass plug. It hurt a bit, but I was surprised that it fit in my butt so easily. I must be a natural talent, haha. It’s still inside of me the moment I write this, and it feels incredible. I even went outside with it, and it was beautiful. The only thing is I’m getting extra horny. I think I came at least ten times today.

God, I feel, so sex-starved that I’m counting the hours until he comes back. Later in the evening, I was in my kitchen, with only my panties on, as I twerked like crazy for my IG. While I was watching the reactions later, I again fingered my pussy while imagining all the guys with hard cocks jerking off. I wish they gangbanged me and cover my face like in those bukkake movies. I love being degraded to the level of a cheap whore. That’s what makes me going. Going to sleep, can’t wait for my virgin ass fucking tomorrow.

Iggy Azalea nude in bed
“I’m ass fucking addict, and I’m proud to say it. ” – Iggy Azalea

I’m barely able to walk. Nick arrived home in the early afternoon, and without saying a word, he brought me down on my knees and told me to suck on it. My pussy was wet in a second as I was going balls deep. I could feel his meat growing in my throat as tears were in my eyes, but it felt so good. This mix of pain and pleasure is the best thing in the world. He then put me on the kitchen table, and when he ripped my panties, he saw that I have a plugin in my ass.

I wanted to show him how serious I was about anal sex. Still, we were not in a hurry so he decided to fill my cunt first as I was telling him the dirtiest words that I could think off. I don’t even remember all the details, but something got into me. I wanted him to be rougher, to slap my ass and make me feel helpless. Finally, the moment of truth came. The plugin was out, and his dick was slowly going in my rectum. I was afraid, but half of his dick was already in before I felt some pain. Maybe I am natural?

I felt optimistic, so I let him go balls deep. I twitched uncontrollably, but I begged him not to stop. I wanted him to stretch my asshole, and after a few painful moments, it felt better. I was so proud of myself as he was amazed that this happened. I even tasted my ass juices as I let him come in mouth, swallowing most of it. My ass will need some rest as it’s completely destroyed, but now I’m ass fucking addict, and I’m proud to say it.

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What makes Iggy so attractive is her unique looks. While most of the other stars are compared to someone, this Australian rapper has snow white skin, pretty but unusual face and that recognizable mole on her chin. Of course, her tattoo collection only keeps growing, though they are mostly on her arms. Luckily for her fans, Iggy is the type of a girl that likes to draw attention by wearing skimpy outfits. A lot of times, we could see her posing for her Instagram profile while topless, only with her hands covering her juicy tits. Oh, those tits are worth every praise.

While all of us have different preferences, her perfectly round melons look so tasty that all the guys that shared a bed with her will think about them forever! Iggy was one of the people supporting the campaign for Instagram to let girls show their boobs without censorship, and that’s the idea we can all get behind. Still, that doesn’t stop Iggy for acting like the dirtiest slut. Her Instagram story pictures where she is masturbating by the pool made god knows how many men hard down there. Iggy is the ultimate tease, a girl that will drive you wild with her curves as she loves drawing attention.

We bet she is reading all those lusty comments while rubbing and fingering her pussy, thinking about being gangbanged, by massive black dicks, of course. We won’t judge her; we would be happy to see that happening.

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Even though everyone would love to see her leaked pictures, the famous rapper managed to escape that fate until 2019. What was surprising was that those photos came from her 2016 shoot for GQ magazine. In the outtakes that are now on the internet, we can see Iggy topless as she poses in nature. While wearing only tiny panties that barely cover her pussy, Iggy looks stunning! Even though on most of these pictures she is covering her boobs, in one of them they are clearly exposed.

While most of the leaked pics are always blurry, this time we have professional, high resolution photos that will blow your mind as you watch those melons set free. Aren’t they the definition of perfection? Iggy was always open about undergoing breast augmentation, and her surgeon did a perfect job. “I was sick of having to sew paddings into stage costumes,” she told the media. She confirmed that these leaked pictures are real, while at the same time saying that she is not happy about that at all. Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of Iggy! You have a body to die for, and you could only be proud of it. Maybe one day you’ll share more with us!

Iggy Azalea Leaked Sex Tapes

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Iggy Azalea giving a blowjob to BBC

Hey guys, it appears that rapper Iggy Azalea has just had a new sex tape video leaked online. Iggy Azalea New Sex Tape Video Leaked is available here.

Since her sex life is pretty wild, no wonder there constant speculation about Iggy Azalea’s sex tape. Everyone would like to see her fucked in that giant ass by massive dicks, or demonstrating her deepthroating skills. She does look like a girl who likes it rough! Rumors about her sex tape circulate for several years, and famous porn company Vivid offered millions for her intimate video believing that it will outsell even Kim Kardashian amateur porn video.

On the tape, Iggy is allegedly fucking one her former boyfriends, but she is still keeping it under lock and key. Porn company Bang Bros recently offered her a deal and a role in “Ass Parade” movies, which would be a perfect fit for her. They even confirmed it was not a publicity stunt but a serious offer that has been sent to her management team. We are still waiting for that “Yes” from her, as she is recently struggling to find a label. Release of her sex tape would further enhance her career – she should ask Kim Kardashian about it.

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We already talked about her giant boobs, but let’s talk about Iggy Azalea’s massive ass! While she admitted doing a boob job and correcting her nose, she insists her bottom is 100% real. As the years went by, her butt only grew bigger and drew even more attention. In her defense, Iggy claims that the enormous size of it is because of a special diet, but do we even care if it’s real or not? It’s there, in front of our eyes, bouncing like crazy in her music videos and Instagram stories, like in that one where she twerks in her kitchen, wearing only tiny panties.

That fat ass has seen a lot of action, and there’s no way it’s not getting used and abused every day. Some people may compare it to Kim Kardashian’s butt, but by our judgment, Iggy is winning here, hands down. Plus her booty is getting only bigger, and it’s no wonder people are dreaming about nailing it or letting her sit on their face – or both! Whatever is your preference is, that giant, beautiful, juicy ass needs to loved, respected, and fucked senseless in every occasion. We look forward to seeing more from you Iggy, although what you already showed us is not disappointing at all!

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