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Now 34-year-old singer and songwriter Katy Perry is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She came on the scene with megahit “I Kissed a Girl” and continue with tons of other chart-topping singles and tours that made her a fortune. By estimates, her net worth is more than $125 million. Katy wasn’t as successful in love as she divorced British actor Russell Brand, and she never spoke about her intimate life. Luckily, we managed to hack her diary and find a few exciting entries that might surprise you.

Katy Perry shows off her stunning bikini butt
Katy Perry shows off her bikini ass

Day 1

I opened a bottle of wine and celebrated. Today is the first anniversary of my divorce from Russell. I’ve been living like a virgin since then, as I refused every man who approached me. Maybe today is the time to change that. I’m on holiday now, and I should have fun with local people. My pussy feels alone, and it’s not the same when you are stuffing it with a dildo. I need a real hard cock that will make me feel alive again. Today is my first day here, so I’ll go to the beach and check things out.

Katy Perry masturbating on the beach
“My pussy was so wet that I was trying to play with it while I thought no one was watching. ”
– Katy Perry
Katy Perry caught masturbating
Katy Perry fingering her pussy

Day 2

I acted like a filthiest whore! I was on the beach, and there were like maybe five or six other people there. I enjoyed the privacy, but my dirty mind told me this is a great time to do something exciting. My pussy was so wet that I was trying to play with it while I thought no one was watching. I started masturbating as I was constantly checking things out. I almost got caught a few times, but it was worth it. The moment I came was so intense that I barely managed not to scream.

If people only knew! When I got home, I found out that a paparazzi was there, so the pictures were all over the internet. Maybe someone else would be in a panic, but I don’t care, let them have their fun. To be honest, I find the whole thing exciting, so I was fingering my pussy while reading some dirty comments. Guys were lusting over me and imagined them and their hard cocks gangbanging me. I’ll hit the town today tonight – I need a dick right now!

Day 3

Last night was fantastic! I went to this club unnoticed, as people would never think I’ll go to such a place without a whole bunch of security. I wanted to meet someone new and have a one night stand, so I saw this cute guy standing alone like he was waiting for somebody. We started a conversation, and he told me he was waiting for his date, but she blew him off at the last minute. He was planning to finish a drink and then go home. Something came into me, so I whispered in his ear “I don’t wear panties” before I grabbed his hand as we sit down. He knew what to do, so as we talked, he fingered my pussy.

It’s incredibly exciting, as I was coming, but I had to pretend like nothing is happening. Seat under me was all wet, so we picked up our stuff and ran outside. We went maybe a hundred feet to a park, where I pulled down his pants and started sucking his cock while I was fingering myself. We could see people passing by, but we were well hidden in the dark. Still, having sex in public is something I have never done before. As I was holding to the tree, he roughly fucked my pussy, like he knew that’s the only way I like it. He was big, and I’d lie if I said I felt no pain, but it was worth it. I insisted that he comes on my face as I tasted his semen before wiping the rest of it. Now that we went back to the light, I saw two cum stains on my skirt. They are subtle reminders of what happened.

Day 4

I met this cute couple on the beach yesterday. Jim was 20 and Olivia was 19, and they were both from Jersey. They knew who I was, but they never made any fuss about it, so I decided to stick around. They told me this is their first holiday together, and I was shocked as they also told me they are swingers. I was fascinated by their stories before I figured out they are trying to get me horny and maybe suggest a threesome. I was faster though, telling them to come to my apartment later tonight. I did kiss a girl a few times, but this would be my first lesbian experience.

The waiting was weird, as I had no idea how to prepare myself. I shaved my pussy and had a bath while trying hard not to masturbate. Once they arrived, we had a few glasses of wine before they started kissing and stripping down. Olivia then shoved a tongue in my mouth as Jim pulled down my wet panties. He knew I don’t need foreplay, and that’s why he inserted his dick inside of me. This was the best experience of my life as he went deeper and deeper while she was sucking my tits. Both Olivia and I went down on our knees as Jim fucked us one by one while we were french kissing.

It was mind-blowing, it felt so wrong but also so good! When he started nailing her ass, I went under her and fingered her pussy. She squirted all over me as I enjoyed the taste! I had only one more wish. As he was about to come, I grabbed his dick and put it inside of my mouth making him empty his load inside of me. What was left I shared with his girlfriend with a kiss. Katy Perry is back, wilder than ever!

Katy Perry Leaked Nude Photos

Since she stepped on the scene in 2008. Katy Perry made us aware about her sex life with her lesbian anthem song “I Kissed A Girl” that made her a fortune and turned her into one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Dressed in hot pants, short skirts, and shirts that barely cover her big boobs, Katy always looked like a girl that needs a hard dick all the time. That is not a surprise, as her parents were religious fanatics who wouldn’t let her date boys, God forbid fuck them. Once she was finally on her own, we can only imagine the amount of crazy sex she had, or how much fun she has driving guys wild while almost exposing her attributes in public.

While naked Katy Perry pictures are floating on the internet, none of them seem to be real. Still, Katy is one of the kinkiest celebrities around! Images from her Italian vacation are iconic, as you can see her masturbating on the beach even though a bunch of people surrounds her. She can’t help as that is what is turning her on. The singer even lives her fantasies in music videos, like in that one where she is butt naked while guys have their hands all over her. Yeah Katy, it’s clear that you would like to be locked up somewhere with well-hung men willing to destroy your holes and leave you with tons of cum on your face. Just don’t forget to take selfies once you do that!

Katy Perry Naked Pictures

Born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, Katy Perry is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. The 34-year-old singer has been topping the charts for more than a decade, but her love life was less successful as she divorced from comedian Russell Brand in 2012. Katy was raised in a strict Christian family and was forbidden to date boys, but once she got her freedom, things have changed. Her debut hit “I Kissed A Girl” shocked the world and made her a star, as she became a sex symbol overnight. Over the years Katy Perry became a chameleon, changing her appearance all the time, but usually going with that short hair and skanky outfits that drive men crazy.

It’s impossible not to get turned on during her live performances or music video where she exposes her cleavage and shows her perfect round ass. She does look like a girl with healthy sex appetite that is still trying to compensate for the things she missed while she was younger. The hot singer usually has troubles keeping her urges at bay, as she was caught by paparazzi while playing with her pussy on the public beach. We understand you Katy, that rush you feel when you know that you could be caught is something everyone should experience. We bet that she got turned on when she saw these pictures, as well when her current fiance Orlando Bloom played with her boobs in the public pool. We salute you Katy, but we need more of your dirty pictures!

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Katy Perry is open about her wild sex life, but until now, she wasn’t ready to show us more than her cleavage or her fat ass in hot pants. Well, that changed since her live streaming video is showing her being naked. We can see her bare butt that begs to be fucked by massive dicks and even her sideboob. Of course, Katy is doing this on purpose, like when she was masturbating on the beach, or when Orlando Bloom squeezed her bust in the pool. Why? Because underneath all the glitter she is a cheap slut and is proud of that!

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Born in 1984, Katy Perry is American singer known for incredibly successful albums and a string of hits, including “I Kissed A Girl,” “Hot n Cold,” “E.T.,” “Roar” and many others that topped the charts around the world. She regularly sells out arenas, and her net worth is more than 125 million dollars. Katy has another passion in her life, and that is S&M, as her leaked video shows her tied up while she gives a breathtaking blowjob to a well-hung guy before her pussy is brutally destroyed. Finally, she removes and the traces of his cum by swallowing it.