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Anna Paquin is one more Canadian actress with amazing acting skills and a titillating body. Born in 1982, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Anna is one of the best actresses that came from the world of snow and maple syrup, and she even has an Oscar to boot. Although she was born in Canada, she lived there until she was four, and subsequently moved to her mother’s native country, New Zealand. Although she never actually planned on acting seriously, her amazing talent is what kept her coming back to the silver screen. When she was only nine, she got her first role in The Piano. When she was sixteen, Anna moved to California, attaining her high school diploma. In 2007, Anna was chosen to play a role in True Blood, which pushed her into the spotlight. Anna is the very first millennial that won an Academy Award! Besides acting, anna likes photography, and she used to play the cello. This multitalented girl has a lot to show, but for now, let’s focus on her outer beauty.

If you wish to see Anna in all of her glory, you should check out True Blood, The Affair, Tell It To The Bees, or you can even find her leaks if you’re not put off by that idea. Paquin is a girl that has an angelic face, with blonde hair and mesmerizing big eyes. Her petite 5’4” frame is adorned with soft curves and muscles that define her lovely figure. Anna has a slender waist, but it’s not very prominent. However, her abdomen is very muscular, and it’s as plain as day that she works on her figure. Anna used to be slightly bigger, and her curves were more pronounced back then. Her tits changed size, from big and round, to medium and perky, but her nipples always remained small and light pink. Judging by a small scar on her nipple, it looks like she had piercings there, but decided to take them off. She’s got no other body piercings or body art. Her ass never makes a full appearance, but some angles reveal that she has a small yet athletic ass. Anna was blessed with a stunning figure, complete with shapely legs and a beautiful face. She still continues to act this day, and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us, be it her nude body or her talents!