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This girl is a YouTube star with lots of subscribers, she has made a huge fortune by teaching people how to play games, how to practice piano and how to create tunes. AzzyLand is one of those girls who gained huge fame overnight and now her big boobs are in high demand on the net.

Born in Toronto, Canada she began cosplaying back in 2014. So the glory didn’t come overnight, though. She also has an Instagram account and has over 2.1m followers there but the main core of her success is her YouTube channel with over 11m subscribers.

Weighing only 53kg, she messed with Jordi van sanctum Bussche, AKA Kwebbelkop but they broke up in 2020 and it’s no wonder she left him because he looks like some tough junk.

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Azzyland is aware that she has a very nice body, nice round boobs and nice shaved legs but many say she would be less than average without her boobs and that she has no other talent.

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