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Bonnie Sveen is an actress that looks innocent and pure until you take a closer look. Her eyes and smile kink wildly, hinting at the wilderness that hides underneath. Bonnie has a few roles here and there, but she’s probably known best for her role in Spartacus.

And if you ever watched Spartacus, then you’re already aware that this is the show where she appears naked. Spartacus appears to be a porno movie with some good drama mixed to spice things up, yet Bonnie was there for the sake of appeal.

Blushing and afraid, she sports a collar around her neck as her partner grabs it, choking it while going at her like a maniac. He uses her collar to flip her around and whatever he wants, and there wasn’t a single moment where we didn’t wish we could trade places with him.

Her wavy blonde hair bounces just like her juicy tits do, with every motion she makes. She has medium natural tits that hang a bit lower, filed out at the bottom, giving them a plump, full look. Her nipples are large and pink, framed with her milky white skin.

Bonnie has a curvy body. Her thighs are thick and very long, ending in her wide hips. We never get a good look at her abdomen, as her legs and boobs are the stars of the show.

Her ass is also a mystery to us, but judging by her child-bearing hips we can conclude that her ass is just as good as her tits are.

Bonnies submissive style wakes up the animal in all of us, and her unassuming face seals the deal. If you want to see what tearing up a pure girl looks like, head on over to Spartacus to see Bonnie taking it like a champ!

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