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Garyfallia “Julia” Alexandratou is a native Greece female and by profession is a model, singer but on top of that she is also a porn star. At just 16, she won the Miss Young Award in Greece.

She was born in 1986 and is now a real MILF. She is 33 years old and 1.78m high. Her husband is Christian Karpozilos.

Born in the sign of Capricorn which has greatly helped her achieve fame and advance her career if we can trust astrology. In the Chinese zodiac sign is Tiger.

If you are wondering how rich she is I will tell you that this girl is a millionaire.

The sex scandal that rocked Greece in 2010 had this model as its main actor. She first said she had nothing to do with the scandal but later said she got the money to shoot the sex tape.

This blonde was last seen naked exactly eight years ago when she was posing nude for a Playboy magazine and the first nude picture appeared for the Playboy magazine when she was 22 and she has a handful of nude photos as you will see.

As far as the action in the sex clip is concerned, you can expect some crazy stuff it. First we can see her giving blowjob to a big dick, then fucking in a doggy-style position and riding a dick.

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