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Mexican beauty Marlene Favela was first filmed naked when she was 31 years old in a movie Species:The Awakening (2007) and in the movie she shows big juicy nude boobs and sexy pussy.

She is one of the most successful actresses with a long resume full of telenovelas and she is known for her role in “Ugly Betty” or topless photos captured by talented photographers. She has super sexy tits and a nice butt that look so beautiful.

As an actress and model she has a lot of nudity and a lot of topless posing pics. She is best known as Esmeralda in the TV show Zorro, La Espada y la Rosa. She has an average body size and she is a brunette. Her medium size breasts look bigger when they are naked.

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The incredible Mexican presenter-actress Marlene Favela was photographed in her hot underwear for H Para Hombres.

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