Tricia Helfer Nude: She knows how to tease the crowd

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Tricia was born in 1974, in Donalda, Alberta. The 46-year-old actress looks better than most young adults do, and she’s got the body to show it. But before all of that, let’s see what kind of a career this fantastic lady has. Helfer began her career when she was only seventeen, but she started out as a model. Tricia won the Ford Model’s Supermodel of the World contest back in 1992, and that was all that she needed to kick-start her career. Helfer appeared on the covers of many famous magazines, and she advertised world-renowned designer brands. But she was not satisfied with just modeling, so she turned her attention towards acting, and quickly earned a guest star role in C.S.I. After that, she got a role in Battlestar Galactica, which quickly amassed a huge fanbase. Following her success, Tricia acted in many popular movies and TV series, including Memory, Walk All Over Me, and the very famous TV show Lucifer, where she portrays the incredibly sexy mom of the devil himself. Besides acting, Tricia has also performed as a voice actor in many video game franchises. Helfer is a true companion of the needy, supporting charities all over the world.

Now let’s focus on her smoking hot body and gorgeous face. She’s got wavy blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and beautiful lips. Tricia is quite tall, her frame reaches 5’10” and she’s got the legs to show it. She looks amazing even after she’s given birth, with a tight, flat stomach and gorgeous tits. A little scar underneath her bellybutton is all that she has to show for giving birth. Her figure is beautiful – long legs, smooth thighs, wide hips, and a slender waist. You can catch her nude in Ascension, where she proudly struts around naked as the day she was born. There we can see that she has super long legs and a small yet very perky ass. Tricia shies away from showing her breasts, so we never truly get to see what they look like. If we look at every angle she’s dared to show, we can see that Tricia has a lovely set of tits. Just the right size, her tits are round and smooth, hanging down just a little bit. Her nipples sadly never make an appearance, so we can only guess what they look like. Tricia still has a long career ahead of her, so here’s to hoping that she decides to show more of her fantastic body.