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Beautiful English actress Vanessa Kirby gained immense popularity in the role in the movie About Time, that movie was an adaptation of the movie Great Expectations. She really played the Oscar role.

Born April 18, 1988 in Wimbledon, London, this actress had a beautiful childhood and from a young age showed the gift of acting … Her father is renowned urologist Roger Kirby and her mother works as an editor in a popular magazine.

Vanessa is currently dating a famous female actor , so she’s not single. She is in a relationship with popular male actor Callum Turner. It is one of those longer relationships that lasts for several years in this case for more than three years. There was talk on Hollywood streets that she was dating Tom Cruise but she said she had never been in a relationship with him.

Vanessa Kirby starred in ‘The Crown’, in that movie she played Princess Margaret and in that role she will be remembered for acting really perfectly. She almost got an Emmy for this role.

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The 2014 Queen and Country where she showed a bare ass. First she ripped off all her clothes and then showed her irresistible ass as she walked toward the lake.

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