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Abbey has a boho girl aesthetic, completed with her nose and nipple piercings. If you do not like seeing pieces of metal piercing delicate skin, then you might want to skip over Abbey, although we believe that you should still give her the time of your day.

Abbey started out as a model and has taken plenty of pics where she is absolutely, completely naked, showing off from every angle imaginable.

She is a rare gem, as she had no problems with the world looking between her thighs. We admire that courage, especially because there’s no need to use our imagination to fill in the gaps. Abbey appears naked in IV Horses, Welcome The Stranger, Elizabeth Harvest, and many, many more.

IV Horses is where she appears completely naked, holding hands with four equally naked men. Abbey is adorned with medium-sized tits that are set wide apart. Their size and volume fit her body ideally – if it were any other way, she wouldn’t be the Abbey we know and love! One of her nipples is pierced, the cold metal shining against her delicate, pink nipples.

If you’re tired of looking at piercings, just turn your attention towards her other boob that is completely natural and metal-free!

As for the rest of her body, Abbey is a petite, slim girl, with legs that do not touch together, leaving a thigh gap even when she holds her legs closed together. Perfect for peeking at what she has hidden between!

Abbey sports a little blond bush that covers juicy, rosy lips. Her pussy is just as little as she is! There’s not one spot on her body that is not good to look at, and you can easily find her naked pics all over the internet.

Here You Go My Friend – Abbey Lee Kershaw Nude Photos

Abbey Lee Kershaw ( Height: 1.81 m ), or simply Abbey Lee ( June 12, 1987 ), is an Australian model, actress and musician. Check this nude Aussie celebs out!

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When she posed naked for the first time she was very young she was only 21 years old and then she was a model. She posed for Vogue IT magazine for the famous 2008 issue. To our knowledge, she was last seen naked in the film Welcome the Stranger, which was shot 2 years ago.