Hottest 30 Nude Celebs From Australia

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The world wide web today is filled to the brim with nude pictures of just about any celebrity you can imagine. It’s very hard to remain modest when every producer wants you to show a snippet of your breast or ass, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Luckily, those pictures are easy to find, and if you don’t want to comb the net to find them, hand the wheel over and I’ll do it for you.

Today, we’re going to peek at the hottest ladies from Australia. The scorching hot land has girls of equal qualities to give, and I cherry-picked the top underdogs buried underneath the ones you’re used to seeing all around the web. Scroll down to see what Australia has to offer!

1. Portia De Rossi

You know her as the hot wife of Ellen DeGeneres – born Amanda Lee Rogers, this tall glass of water started out as a model in the Australian 1994 movie Sirens, although she’s most famous for her role in Ally McBeal. There’s a good reason why she was ranked 69th in Stuff Magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women – tall and slim, the 47-year-old actress is the epitome of elegance. Adorned with petite perky breasts and a cute little ass, Portia will never bore you! Her long flowing blonde hair accentuates the fair tones of her delicate skin, making her look like a woodland fairy.

2. Madeleine West

Melanie Ann Weston is 39 years old, with the body of a girl half her age. She was first seen on television in Neighbours, and she has also starred in the theatre, plus published her own book. This actress is tight and athletic, with a perky ass and amazing tits, which she loves to show off!

3. Elle Macpherson

Eleanor Nancy Macpherson has an amazing body – the show business has recognized this, which is why she appeared an amazing five times as the cover girl for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. This girl probably has one of the most amazing sets of tits mankind has ever seen, completed with strong long legs and a great ass.

4. Imogen Bailey

Imogen is one of the more petite ladies on the list. She is known for starring in Celebrity Survivor and Neighbours. Imogen has blessed us with her round, smooth boobs, and that’s about all we got to see, as the actress shies away from showing us the rest. What a tease!

5. Bonnie Sveen

Bonnie is the star of the drama film Before the Rain. This blushing blonde apparently loves to be railed from behind, as many of the scenes she is in depict. Although we get to see more of her partners than her, her bouncy breasts grab all the attention away as they sway in motion and hypnotize.

6. Tottie Goldsmith

This 57-year-old bombshell is known for many roles, and one of the more famous drama series she was in was The Secret Life Of Us. For those of you who adore older ladies, it doesn’t get any better than Tottie. Her boobs have retained a perky, round shape, although they are a bit wide-set, but it’s her youthful appearance and an ironic tattoo of a cross on her ass that take the cake.

7. Hanna Mangan-Lawrence

Best known as Holly in Bed of Roses, the 29-year-old has a lot to offer. We never get to see below her waist, but the party above is definitely a showstopper. A petite frame is decorated with teardrop tits, while a slim, sensual waist accentuates her beauty and youth.

8. Peta Wilson

Peta Wilson, better known as Nikita, simply loves to show off. You can find her pressing her tits and body against windows for the whole world to see! Her ass is round and plump, complimenting the rest of her petite body.

9. Sibylla Deen

This actress had a few brief roles, most notably in Tyrant, but it’s her beauty we came to admire, not her acting skills. Slick with oil, Sibylla shows off her ass with a cute banana fold underneath one of her buttocks. Her tits might be small, but her figure is mindblowing!

10. Tabrett Bethell

This Legend of the Seeker star has a rocking bod. Although we can see her in distress, shaking in the bathtub, it’s the quivering boobs that grab all the attention away from the impactful scene. She can be best described as plump and voluptuous!

11. Kate Fischer

Kate is one more star that appears naked in Sirens, alongside Portia and Elle. The holy trinity bear it all, and Kate might not have a body as amazing as her fellow actresses, yet her innocent demeanor that contrasts her plump body and wide-set full breasts are the real treasure.

12. Helene Joy

Helene is best known for her roles in Durham County and Murdoch Mysteries. Helene is a shy actress, sadly for us, but at least she gave us something – a shot of her little perky breasts sensually hanging out her black coat!

13. Jacinda Barrett

Part of the main cast in Bloodline, Jacinda is a beautiful tall actress that the world is blessed to know. Dancing around in her white granny panties, Jacinda bears it all – her long legs, the black bush hiding treasures underneath, and just a sneak peek of her athletic ass!

14. Raelee Hill

This fiery redhead starred in Neighbours and Farscape. We don’t get to see much from her but in Hotel De Love, Raelee shows us what’s hiding underneath her shirt – a beautiful set of arousing, plump twins!

15. Emma Lung

This exotic, half-Asian actress is best known for her role in The Cooks. Her rosy nipples stand erect as her partner kisses her smooth neck. Emma has gorgeous petite boobs that are just the right size to handle!

16. Monica Mayhem

Monica is, sadly, a former porn actress, and some of her best work includes Hotel Erotica and Mayhem in Macdaddy. This arousing blonde with piercing blue eyes is all-natural and a complete bombshell – her perfect breasts are topped with little blushing nipples, followed by a beautiful curve of the waist, an amazing ass, athletic legs, and a smooth mound with juicy lips hiding between.

17. Alice Haig

Known for The Love Machine and Snowbound, Alice is a girl who likes it kinky. Strapped to a sex swing, her long blonde hair swings as her partner ravages her from behind. Many leaked photos of her body have surfaced, showing us small, tight boobs, and a sensual, small waist.

18. Abbey Lee

Abbey co-starred in the testosterone-fueled Mad Max: Fury Road. In IV Horses, her stark naked body holds hands with four just-as-naked men. Abbey is a thin, slim girl, with surprisingly big boobs and a black, thick bush.

19. Rachel Griffiths

Rachel is one of the older ladies on the list today, best known for her role in Secrets. Born in 1968, her body has resisted the unforgiving effect of time. We get to see a lot of Rachel – her thick thighs, birth-bearing hips, big but slightly droopy breasts, and a curly bush hiding her lips from the curious eye of the audience.

20. Radha Mitchell

Her most notable role is Silent Hill. In Feast of Love, one candid shot of her body reveals her full frontal. A boyish waist is contrasted with a tight stomach, absolutely amazing big tits, and a neatly styled bush nestled between juicy thighs.

21. Jessica Gomes

Jessica does not have a blooming acting career – she’s more known for her modeling work. Her mind-blowing hourglass figure features a set of unbelievable voluminous tits and a super tiny waist.

22. Charlotte Best

Home and Away is where Charlotte found most of her glory. We don’t have the pleasure to see a lot of this alluring actress, but we do get a glance at her firm, pointy breasts in Tidelands.

23. Virginia Hey

Virginia is the oldest actress featured today. She is 68 years old, but she looks about 40! Best known for her role in Farscape, and it’s this show that gives us a glance at her tall, slim body. If you like tight, athletic asses, Virginia is the girl for you! Her boobs are on the smaller side, but still worthy of worship.

24. Emma Booth

Known as Mother Gothel in Once Upon a Time, Emma has the classic college girl bod. Thin and sensual, Emma shows off with blushing nipples nestled on top of little tits.

25. Alyssa Sutherland

Alyssa has a few roles, most notably in The Mist and Vikings. Vikings is a series known for explicit nudity, and this is where we get to take a peek at Alyssa. Little pointy breasts are followed by a long, smooth waist, finished off with a tight ass and equally tight legs.

26. Tess Haubrich

Tess has starred in the second season of Wolf Creek, and has a key role in the Australian drama series Pine Gap. Tess is a shy girl, opting to show us only a glance at her side. Her perky tits take the cake, as they bounce around and show off while she sits on her partner.

27. Miranda Otto

Miranda made her debut in Emma’s War, but is best known for her role as Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings. Miranda decided to bless us with her amazing tits – round and in the shape of a perfect teardrop, with hard and very pale nipples.

28. Ruby Rose

Ruby is a tough prisoner in Orange is the new Black. She was supposed to be the new Catwoman but has allegedly left that role. Ruby is the definition of androgynous, easily switching from male to female. This is why she may not have a rocking body like the rest of the girls – adorned with tattoos that frame her flat chest and muscular, toned waist.

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29. Nicky Whelan

Nicky is one more actress on this list that has found her place in Neighbours. Nicky is a shy girl, and that is why she only gave us a look at her tits. Juicy and big, they have a set of large nipples colored in a deep shade of pink.

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30. Viva Bianca

Viva is an actress that appeared in Spartacus, a show filled with explicit scenes. In the show, she appears pregnant, almost about to burst. It’s the pregnancy that gives her body a full, plump look, with sensual breasts that could feed a whole country.

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