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Emma is an Australian actress best known for her roles in Crave, Crush, and Entourage. This 38-year-old has won a few awards, and she hasn’t starred in many movies, which is why we don’t have a lot of candid shots from her.

Plus, Emma doesn’t like to show off, and we don’t get to see much, besides a few frames of her boobs bouncing around. Her tits are medium and symmetrical. People often say that one boob is always bigger than the other, but if that’s the case it certainly doesn’t show on her rack.

Emma is taken from behind in a shower cabin, and her pink nipples are squished on the glass, while the camera hovers on her tits to show us everything we ever hoped we could see.

Emma is a small girl with tiny arms and a little waist. But as you follow her body downwards, you’ll be surprised to see just how amazing her voluptuous hips are.

Emma has a pear-shaped body, and thanks to that her ass is exceptional. Huge and round, there’s nothing to hate about the way her ass livens up her otherwise petite stature.

There’s not much else to be seen from Emma, but we do hope she gives being nude on the big screen another chance!

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Emma Lung ( January 14, 1982 ) is an Australian actress who loves showing her sexy perky tits and nice little bum. You can check her Instagram account for some sexy family photos. Here you can find only top 49 nude photos of Emma. If you want to see more hot celebs from Australia check out this article.

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