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Radha is smoking hot, and she’s not afraid to show it. She is 46-years-old, and her most famous roles include Silent Hill, Finding Neverland, Pitch Black, and much more.

She was nude in many of her roles, and you can look at her completely naked in Feast of Love. The other naked roles are amazing as well, and there are many shots of her boobs, but the frames in Feast of Love take the cake. If you wan to check more nude Aussie celebrities check out this article!

Radha is pale with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, a fantasy to many men and women alike. Her tits are medium and very real, which can be easily seen as they have a gorgeous, natural shape.

Teardrop boobs are usually defined as the ideal, and Radha has a pair just like that. Her tanned body starkly contrasts her milky boobs and her very pink nipples.

The actress takes care of the way she looks, and that’s apparent when she strips naked. Radha is athletic, tight, and muscular. Her stomach is flat and shapely, with no extra chub to see.

She has well-defined muscles all over her body, and it’s a joy to see how much she loves sculpting herself to perfection. Her waist is not so prominent thanks to the muscles, but her shape is still awesome. A black bush covers her secret, and we will probably never get to see her in all of her glory, as is the case with most actresses that are willing to strip naked for the big screen.

We don’t get to see much of her ass either, she kept it well hidden. There are a few shots here and there where she is intertwined in fiery passion with her partners, and her ass is shyly peeking underneath the covers or under the hands that caress her naked body.

From what we can see, it appears that her ass is just as great as the rest of her body is, and we can confidently say that Radha is a full, premium package!

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First of all, she was the top 100 hottest celebrities back in 2011. The first nude photos of this beautiful actress were taken when she was only 24 years old in a movie called High Art, and she was last seen naked when she was 33 years old.