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Virginia Hey is aggressively sexy – her sharp jawline and muscular body give her a warrior aesthetic. Her most famous role is Warrior Woman in Mad Max 2.

She appears naked in Farscape and Pathos. In Farscape, she portrays Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan, a completely blue, bald woman who strips naked.

As opposed to many actresses, Virginia loves showing off her ass and her backside.

There are just a few candid shots of her boobs! Her tits are perfectly average – not too big, not too small. Just the right shape and perky, topped with small rosy nipples. When her body is not blue, Virginia is sun-kissed and exotic. Her blonde hair is a stark contrast to her tanned body, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Virginia is a tall actress, which can be seen when she is nude.

Her long, shapely body is impressive and towering. If you’re into BDSM, Virginia would be your ideal dominatrix babe!

She is a bit slim, with narrow hips and a wider waist, coupled with a tight stomach. Her legs are thin but muscular, and her back is wide and elegant.

  • Her ass is definitely amazing, especially in Pathos.

In Farscape, she appears to be thinner, and her ass is smaller and not so perky, but it matches her proportions just right. On the other hand, in Pathos she is fuller and voluptuous, and that can be easily seen when she bares her ass.

Her waist is more prominent as well, giving her a beautiful hourglass shape. A tight, round ass follows her slim back, making Virginia look like a Greek goddess. With no extra weight to be seen, her plump body is how an ideal curvy vixen should look like!

Virginia is one of the prettiest Australian actresses, and you should not lose the chance to look at her gorgeous body. If you want to check more celebs from Australia check out this article.

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Virginia Hey ( June 19, 1952 ) is an Australian actress and she was a Bond girl who also posed naked for Playboy! She is 67 years old and she looks HOT!

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Probably the best pictures of naked Virginia Hey are from Playboy when she posed naked and was only 23 years old. She was last seen naked 26 years ago when she was still a Hot Milf in the movie Bullet Down Under (1994).

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