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Kissed by fire, Raelee is a stunning redhead with a milky complexion covered with a beautiful sea of freckles. Born in 1972, this Australian actress is a short girl, standing tall at 5’3”! If you’re into little fiery redheads, then you’ll love Raelee!

She sadly does not have a lot of roles – her best roles are in Hotel De Love, where she appears naked for just a few seconds, Farscape, and Superman Returns.

Although Raelee is a short girl, she is by no means small. If you ever wondered what a curvy redhead looks like, Raelee is the answer. Her hourglass figure is highlighted by her alluring tits and her huge, beautiful ass.

Raelee has only one role where she blessed us with her gorgeous tits.

She is ready to sit on top of her partner, her boobs hanging out in all of their glory. She’s got a completely natural set of twins.

Her jugs are big and plump, and sitting on top of them is a pair of very pale, pink nipples that stand at attention. Her waist is tiny and her stomach is tight and flat. Her curly red hair sits just above her shoulders, making her look wild and exotic.

That’s pretty much what we get to see, but we can take a guess at what she looks like just based on what she’s wearing, as her thick thighs and huge ass are just waiting to burst out of her clothes. Raelee has juicy thighs and thin calves. Her thighs widen around her hips and turn into one incredible behind that we just can’t wait to see stripped naked.

We truly hope that Raelee decides to take on more roles where she won’t shy away from losing more clothes, as there’s so much left of her that we wish we could see!

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Raelee Hill ( October 24, 1972  ) is an Australian actress best known for portraying roles in some of Australia’s most successful television series. More hot and nude Australian actresses here!

Raelee Hill – ”Farscape” Nude Clip

Australian actress Raelee Hill, best known for her role on the ‘Farscape’ tv series! I missed Farscape before! But now I really miss it because Raelee Hill was sexy in that movie!