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Caroline Pickering, or as you all know her, Monica Mayhem, is a former adult film actress. This Aussie porno star was a dancer in Spearmint Rhino, where she realized she loves showing off her body as much as possible, and that’s where her love for porn began.

Monica has even released a book where she talks about what it’s like to be an Australian porno star. You didn’t come here to read about her books though, so it’s high time we talked about her amazing body. Monica is a blonde girl with big, blue doe eyes. Every role she ever had was a naked role, and you won’t have to search hard to find out what she looks like nude.

She may not have starred in movies you’d watch with your family, but they are movies nonetheless and are deserving of your time and attention.

Monica loves soft porn, and although we don’t see her ravaged on screen, we still get to see what it’s like to fuck this blonde vixen.

And it does look like a very fun time! Monica has big tits that are fake. They do sit wide apart, but that’s the case with most fake boobs. Before she had her boobs done, they were averagely sized, but they were full and round, like a pair of juicy peaches. Dammit, these nude Australian celebs look stunning, check them out!

Monica is firm and shapely, with a tiny waist and a great big ass. She doesn’t have a small waist, and her thighs are almost in line with her hips. Her perky ass is a stark contrast with her petite body.

Round and big, her ass has found its way into many of her shots, and it’s easy to see why. Apparently Monica liked to sing topless too, and that’s something she’d do often to treat her fans!

Monica Mayhem ( March 14, 1978 ) is an Australian former pornographic actress, exotic dancer and singer who is in my personal opinion one of the hottest australian porn queens.

Probably best nude photos of Monica Mayhem dating back to 2003 when she was 24 and when she was on the TV Show “The Best Sex Ever”.