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Viva is a 37-year-old Australian actress that gained all of her fame thanks to a very spicy role in the TV Series Spartacus. Although she was only on for 10 episodes, we got to see a lot of action from her! This beautiful blonde with innocent eyes and a kinky smile has shown off her body more than one, especially her front. Her jugs are an average size, but they are still a beauty to behold. Sitting a bit too wide apart, they are topped with rosy, perky nipples that are simply irresistible. They do hang more than some would like, but who would ever complain about looking at boobs from a famous actress?

Viva certainly has a nice pair of tits, and the directors were very aware of that, so they seized every opportunity they could to give us a look.

If you manage to take your eyes off of her top, you will see that she has soft, almost child-like curves. She has a great, sculpted stomach with no belly rolls to be seen. Her muscly waist invites us to take a look below, almost guiding in the right direction. As you pass her cute belly button, you will notice her trimmed blonde bush. The little scruff of hair prevents us from seeing what lays underneath, but given what she has shown us, we’d wager a guess and say it’s just amazing as the rest of her. You can also see how her hips widen around her bush, so we can also guess that she has an ass for a gold medal. I say guess because the woman just won’t show us what hides underneath the small of her back! I guess we’ll never know unless she decides to go nude again!

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