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Nicky is best known for her role in Neighbours, an Australian soap opera. She found her wings there, just like many Australian actresses did. Nicky is a blonde bombshell, with a sharp jaw and arousing cheekbones, her icy blue eyes piercing through to your soul. If just looking at her face is enough to get you going, just wait until we get to the rest! Check out more hot females from Australia.

Nicky may be a little petite for some of you curve lovers, but her tight body will set off just about anyone. Let’s start with the important details – her knockers. Nicky gave us plenty of opportunities to see them, and boy, does she have a lot to show!

One boob is just enough to fill your hand, making you satisfied without you feeling overwhelmed with their size. Her deep red nipples are just the right size, sitting on top like a little cherry waiting to be nibbled.

Nicky Whelan has a waist like it was sculpted by Greek gods. It’s small, tight, and super curvy, accentuating her round, plump hips. Her tight stomach shows a dedication to her appearance, which everyone knows how to appreciate. Her gorgeous long legs should be put on a pedestal and adored all day, every day. Nicky also has an alluring, tanned back that sharply tapers down to reveal her ass.

Although we never get to see her ass in all of its glory, there are some shots that give us a few glances, and it appears to be just as tight and plump like the rest of her body.

One thing she has never show is the treasure between her thighs – don’t search for it boys, you’ll never find it! We can only hope that Nicky decides to give us a full frontal one day, so we can admire her beauty like it was meant to be admired!

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Height: 1.63 m

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Born: May 10, 1981 (age 39 years)

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Nicky Whelan is an Australian actress and model.

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