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Ruby is a very famous Australian actress. Giving off thug life vibes, she was one of the main actors in Orange Is the New Black. Ruby was supposed to be the new Catwoman (and we would have loved to see her all dressed up in a latex, body-hugging suit), but sadly she has passed up the opportunity.

Now, Ruby is a girl with a very specific look – there’s that one famous music video of hers where she strips down, reveals her tattoos, cuts of her hair, and essentially becomes a man! I don’t know about you, but there’s definitely something very exciting about a person that can so easily switch up genders.

Because of her masculine appearance, she may not be everyone’s first choice. Her slanted eyes and sharp jawline are teasing and inviting though, asking whether you’d give her the chance to rock your world. Ruby is athletic, decorated with gorgeous tattoos that run up and down her slim body. Australian models and actresses are famous around the world because of their sexy naked photos.

Her tits may be a little bit droopy, but that’s the cost if you want to bandage the girls to appear like a man!

They are still a pair to behold. We never get to see what hides between her thighs, as she so shyly hides it, but we do get a good look at her ass! A small, athletic bum makes all the hearts flutter with joy, and her long, shapely legs follow that curve to the tee.

A sexy tramp stamp sits in the small of her back, peeking throughout her pants, inviting you to take a look. If tight masculine girls are your thing, you can’t go wrong with Ruby Rose!

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She plays Kate Kane in the television series, Batwoman.

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Her mother Katia Langenheim raised her as a single parent.

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