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Just like many of her Australian actress, Madeleine had her breakthrough in the TV show Neighbours. She is forty years old, and you’d never guess her real age based on her youthful face and body!

She used to have bleach blond hair, but as she aged, she changed it to a darker hue that fits her much better. Madeline has many roles where she spreads her legs open to let her partner ravage her in fiery passion.

Her ass flashes us almost all the time, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Surprisingly enough, unlike many of her colleagues, Madeleine has only a few frames where her breasts appear! Usually, it’s the other way around, but this girl apparently loves her ass more than anything else in the world.

Her boos, at least from the few frames we get to see them, are natural and big. Their teardrop shape is mesmerizing, as they jiggle and bounce around thanks to the action taking place around her, or on top of her.

Her nipples are very pale, almost completely white, and you’d have to struggle to see them right. Her ass, on the other hand, requires no struggling as it’s there for everyone to see. Madeleine has a hypnotizing ass, firm and round.

There’s just no way you’d be able to look at anything else besides her ass if it ever appeared on screen! Her body and legs are equally tight and athletic, and it’s easy to see that Madeleine takes good care of her looks. Check out more Aussie celebs naked right here!

Even in the roles where she is older, her body continues to look as good as it did when she was younger, if not even better. Not many people age gracefully, but Madeleine shows us how it’s done and continues to surprise us with her otherworldly looks.

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Madeleine West Nude Videos Exposed

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