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In 2013, Miley Cyrus shocked the world turning overnight from an innocent Disney Princess into a sex starved whore. The cost of fame, some would say. In 2017, she had her wildest year as she hooked up with a lesbian top model Stella Maxwell. We hacked Miley’s online diary and ripped a few pages illustrating what was going on in her head. Enjoy.

1/July/2015 – Coming Out As Bisexual

11.00 PM When I was 14, I came to my mom and told her that I was pansexual. I was attracted to men, women and even cross dressers – everything was right for me. For years I’ve kept it as a secret, playing the card of a good girl while at the same time, the only thing I wanted is to show my true self. My mom is such a stoner that she doesn’t care as long as I bring money to the table. I could go and make porn right now, and she wouldn’t stop me. “As long as you are happy” she would probably say and later watch that movie with me while smoking weed, of course. OK, maybe that would be too much. I think she knows that I’m in a relationship with Stella now, but she has no idea how wild it is.

3/July/2015 – Playing With Dildo

9.35 AM I woke up this morning after having a vivid dream about four black men gangbanging me. I was feeling like I was their sex toy as they filled all of my holes, and now, well, I feel depressed that this is not a reality. I pulled the largest black dildo from my drawer and started shoving it in my pussy. I think that the whole neighborhood could hear me. I don’t care. I hope they did, as I love being a slut, and I’m not hiding it. Fuck ’em! Now I need to stop writing this as my cunt is so damn wet that I need to finger fuck it – again.

Peeing In Public

12.15 PM I met Stella at the shopping mall. I told her all about my dream as my pussy was wet again. I ruined my panties! My juices were running down the chair as I felt the need to do something crazy. We got back to the parking lot as I’ve asked her to make a few snaps as I pulled my panties aside. I spread my legs wide and started pissing. My golden shower was running down the asphalt as I felt incredibly horny. I’m gonna leak these images today and rub my cunt while reading the comments. I know there will be perverts stroking their hard cocks and that’s what makes me horny. I know it’s fucked up, but this whole life is fucked up too, so I’m just going to embrace it.

Miley Cyrus wet panties while peeing
“I’ve asked her to make a few snaps as I pulled my panties aside ” – Miley Cyrus’s sex story
Miley Cyrus peeing
“I know there will be perverts stroking their hard cocks and that’s what makes me horny. ” – Miley Cyrus’s confession story

3.25 PM We had the wildest sex! Stella got so horny, that once we arrived at her flat, she stripped me down in a second and threw me back on the bed. She was going down on me before I begged her to start fingering me. Once she got three of them inside, I asked her to go in with the whole fist. It’s hard trying to explain how good it felt. I almost fainted as the orgasm was so powerful. Then I fucked her with a strapon while rubbing my pussy. I swear we came at the same time. We were exhausted, so we took a few pictures on the bed before falling to sleep.

Miley Cyrus nude with Stella Maxwell
“Then I fucked her with a strapon while rubbing my pussy. “

9.15 PM We are going to this underground club tonight, and I’m already half wasted. Maybe that’s why I decided not to wear any panties. It’s all about being practical so that I could fuck in a second if I find an opportunity. Stella won’t mind it if she doesn’t know about it. I love her, but she is so naive.

Miley Cyrus’s Sex Story

11.15 PM I can’t believe I fucked that guy! My pussy decided she needs a cock, so I just grabbed this dude and ran outside. I gave him a blowjob until he was hard enough before I started riding him. We didn’t hide too much, but everyone was drunk that they didn’t care. Once he was ready to cum, I decided to swallow it all. That’s the best way to remove any trace that something happened. Plus, I love the taste! Stella asked me where I was, and I said I needed fresh air. Wish I could tell her more, God bless her. Sheis almost the same as Liam was, not knowing that I’m such a slut.

7/July/2015 – Miley Cyrus’s sex story

2.10 AM We just got back home. As we were leaving the club, I had to repeat my pissing show from earlier. As I was drinking, I started relieving myself at the same time, while Stella was taking snaps. She seems to enjoy this show. Maybe she would like to take a golden shower? Or she could give one to me; it’s good either way. We’ll see what happens.

“As I was drinking, I started relieving myself at the same time, while Stella was taking snaps.”

5.15 AM I still can’t sleep. As Stella walked into a bathroom, I ran in with her, and everything became a blur. I know we were in a tub doing a sixty-nine before she tongue-fucked my pussy and as the water ran down, I imagined it was her piss. Maybe she even did it? I’ll ask her in the morning, as my head is a mess. People will always ask what is going on in my mind, but they won’t ever be able to understand my point of view. I’m a slut; I embraced that a long time ago.

That won’t change even if I get married one day. My spouse will have to understand he or she won’t ever be enough for my pussy. That is me, take it or leave it.

Miley Cyrus

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Miley turned into a cheating whore that made her fiancee Liam Hemsworth break their engagement, and her leaked video where she deepthroats a guy and lets him destroy her pussy broke his heart. Still, we don’t have a problem watching her perform like a porn star.

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