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Ariana Grande’s secret sex diary leaked online

At the age of 25, Ariana Grande is the biggest music star in the world. She smashed a number of records in 2018. and in 2019. while her performances at Coachella festival were paid a cool $8 million. Ariana Grande is also known for high profile relationships through the years, and a few times she shocked the world talking about her sex life and the size of her lover’s dicks. We managed to hack her diary and reveal juiciest bits from her explosive relationship with Pete Davidson.

Day 1

Honest to God, I couldn’t wait to buy this flat and move away from LA. It’s not like I don’t get recognized in NY, but it’s different, as even the paparazzi are showing me more respect. Pete will arrive today, and the only thing I want to do is have fun with him. I’m so horny that I even spoke about the size of his dick on Twitter, telling the world it’s probably 10 inches or so. Note to me –  don’t go to the internet when your pussy is wet. Instead, shove something in your pussy – at least a few of your fingers and cool down. The best thing about my new home is that I’ll be alone with Pete. I can go around butt naked the whole day and have sex with him all the time. That’s the only thing I want to do this weekend.

Day 2

I’m not the type that will jump on my man no matter how horny I am. I love to take my time, so once Pete arrived, I did my usual thing. It all started as he was sitting on the couch and talking about everyday things. It was like a normal couple conversation with one key difference – I unzipped his pants and started playing with his dick. There is something incredibly exciting as I’m stroking it like it’s not a big deal and feeling it growing in my small hands until it’s rock hard. For half an hour we did nothing else, and I felt like the dirtiest slut. Thankfully, I was not wearing panties, as they would be ruined. His fingers were slowly going in my snatch as I was pretending it was not a big deal. Only when the action got intense, I was able to think straight as my head went down, and I started sucking him. People think that because I’m five feet tall, I can’t handle a massive dick. Wish they could have seen me as I was giving Pete a deep blowjob, all while he was going straight into my throat. I already came twice, so I wanted to do something special for him. I asked him to come wherever he likes, so he shot his load directly in my throat. Some of it went out of my mouth as I gagged, but he told me I looked beautiful that way. Wish we took a picture, but I’ll gladly do this all over again.

Day 3

I’ve been sleeping naked for years, and a few times I even spoke about it, as that was the advice my Nonna gave me. People say it’s healthy, but it’s even better when you are sleeping with someone. The sexual tension is high all the time, and I felt it again last night. It was probably like three or four in the morning, but I felt the need for dick. It’s not the first time we did it like this. I start by stroking his shaft, and as he started waking up, I was already sucking it. I felt so dirty as I positioned myself in 69 while his tongue went deep inside of my snatch. I couldn’t take this for too long, so I rode his shaft balls deep. It hurt like hell, but the adrenaline rush was so high that I didn’t care. I wanted him to destroy my pussy as I screamed with pleasure. Then I took it doggy style, as I begged him to fill my pussy. I could feel his semen deep inside of me, and it was amazing! When I’m alone, and I need to masturbate, that night will be on my mind.

Day 4

Last night we went to this club. We know the owners, and they have a private space for us so that we can enjoy ourselves far away from the cameras and eager fans. I love my fandom, but sometimes it’s too much. Plus, we came here for specific reasons. I’m still to meet someone that doesn’t like having sex in public. I came here in a short skirt, and without panties, so I could hop in Pete’s lap, unzip his pants and ride his dick. Even if someone comes in, we can still pretend like nothing is happening. Honest to god, I just sat on his dick without moving, and I came twice. I could feel my pussy juices overflowing as he started banging me without mercy. I had to keep quiet, but that only made everything even hotter. The only thing you could hear in the room was the contact between his giant cock and my tiny pussy. I thought I’ll go crazy. When he was about to come, I made him release his load in my hands so that I could lick it all. Some of my girlfriends say they never swallow because they don’t like the taste of it, but they are missing the point. It’s all about the sensation that you are doing something dirty that turns you on. Pete is always up for fucking me as he knows that I’ll do something new. Lately, I’m letting him stick a finger in my butt, and soon I’ll be ready to try that. I can’t be an anal virgin at 25. All my girlfriends are doing it, and some of them are as small as me. I don’t care how painful it will be; I have to do it!

Ariana Grande Leaked Nude Photos

Ariana Grande was born in 1993. in Florida and despite her name sounding like she is Latina, the truth is that she has Italian heritage. She gained fame in Nickelodeon TV show ” Victorious” where she played the role of comic relief character Cat Valentine. Soon after she started a pop career, and by now, she already has five albums and several successful world tours. Her strong voice made her the biggest music star in the world at this moment as she was paid around eight million dollars for her performances on Coachella festival in 2019. Ariana is one of the most diminutive stars in the world as she is only five feet high (153 cm) and even claims that without a makeup and hair extensions, she still looks like she did when she was five. Ariana Grande was never afraid to talk about her sex life, especially once she was in a relationship with Peter Davidson. She shocked her fans on Twitter saying that his dick was around 10 inches, while Pete talked more than a few times about their steamy sessions, and how her tiny pussy was easily able to handle his shaft. Still, Ariana Grande kept her nudes away from the public, at least until her iCloud account was hacked and her naked pictures were everywhere on the internet. Even though she claimed they are fake, the truth is that they were taken at the time when she was in love with rapper Big Sean.

As we can see, Ariana Grande was not joking, as when she is stripped down, she does look even younger. Her tiny stature will make a mess of your mind as her perfect booty was on display when she took a picture in front of the mirror. For such a small babe, she has sizable tits, and even though tabloids claim that she went under the knife, the pop star was always adamant that they are 100% real. In another leaked shot her ass is the main star, as she poses in the bathroom. She has every right to be proud of her booty, and even those tan lines look cute. Ariana Grande always had a perfect figure, but only when you see her like this, you can fully appreciate it. Thankfully, one of the pics also reveals her tiny pussy that saw a lot of action, as Ari admitted in her posts on social networks. It is so small that we understand why her former boyfriends were afraid to penetrate her before they’ve realized how wrong they were.

Even though she is not happy that these pics are online, Ariana Grande has nothing to be ashamed of, since her nudes reveal the full beauty of her tiny body, including a perfect booty and a pair of natural tits that are bigger than everyone would expect. As her sex life is pretty wild, and nothing is safe in this digital age, we can bet that more compromising pictures will arrive sooner than later!

Ariana Grande Leaked Sex Tape

Ariana Grande leaked sex tape – giving blowjob.

Born on June 26, 1993, Ariana Grande even in her early days, showed the potential to be a star. Most of the world met her for the first time when she starred in a Nickelodeon show “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat” before she moved on to have a singing career, with a few TV roles in between. Her latest album “thank u, next” gained both critical acclaim and commercial success while her arena world tour was sold out. Her strong vocals are mesmerizing the crowd around the world as the numbers are showing that at the moment, she is the biggest music star in the world that turns everything into gold. Ariana is also loved for her quirky nature and openness as she once claimed on the internet that her boyfriend at the time, Pete Davidson has a 10-inch penis. Pete responded by saying that the truth is different, but that Ari is so tiny that it’s no wonder that everything looks big to her. Even though she is fully grown-up women, the singer still looks like a teen, not only because she is barely five feet tall and could probably fit in a suitcase. She also has a baby face and a tiny, perfectly shaped ass she likes to shake during her performances. On the other hand, her tits are impressive for a girl of her size, and her nudes that were leaked gave us proof about that. Ari had a string of relationships in the past, as she is rarely single, and was even engaged to Pete Davidson, only a few weeks after they’ve started their relationship. Nowadays she is mostly in touch with her former flame Big Sean which is interesting since there is a long-standing rumor that they’ve made a sex tape. Claims were made that more then a few adult companies are offering massive amounts of money to get it and sell it, but we’ll still have to wait for it. As we said, Ariana was never afraid to talk about sex her, and the same goes for Big Sean. In one of his tweets he shocked fans when he wrote, “I give that D… #Detroit”, but every new what that D stands for. The rapper claimed more than once that he and his now former girlfriend had intense sexual chemistry, so it’s no wonder he had to find a way to brag about it. That’s why it’s hard to believe they’ve never filmed themselves while doing it and we all deserve to see it!

Maybe that is the reason why are Ariana wants Big Sean so close to her. If the rapper has a sex tape, no wonder she is trying to be on his right side and even helps his career that is far below her level. One thing is sure – if the stories are truthful, Ariana Grande is so skilfull in the bed that she would have nothing to be ashamed off if the sex tape ever goes public. We’ll be there to support you, Ari!