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Paris Hilton didn’t invent sex tapes, but her story is by far the most successful. Then 19-year-old heiress made a porn video with her then-boyfriend Rick Solomon, which was once the best selling XXX movie in the world. There we could see Paris butt naked, showing her perfect slim body, tits that everyone would love to suck and that baby bottom and shaved pussy that is begging for a fat dick.

As proved by Rick Solomon, she is more than able to handle it. Look at her face when he is drilling her snatch doggy style. There is no trace of pain on her face as he is deep inside of it, only that slutty smile and look in her eyes that says that she would like it deeper, faster, and rougher. When in the doggy style, it’s even better as she is like a sex object that begs to be abused in every way, and no matter how hard she is banged, barely legal Paris Hilton takes it like a champ.

And what can be said about her cock sucking skills? Even the most skilled porn stars would agree that Paris is a natural, or at least that she gave so many blowjobs from her teen days that by the age of 19, she was already doing it like a pro. Using both her hands, she makes a monster dick even bigger, as she takes it almost up to her throat like it’s the most natural thing in the world. She loves every moment and smiles whenever that dick is not in her mouth.

Meanwhile, her perky tits are bouncing like crazy, as they are ready to join the action. As her blowjob class continues, she is getting even better until the moment her man is ready to cum. She decides to finish him off with her hands, as his cum covers them, but also her boobs. No doubt that man emptied his balls like never before, as she left to clean herself and maybe even lick his semen, just to taste it.

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Paris Hilton’s dirty sex diary leaked online

In 2003 a private sex video of Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Rick Solomon leaked on the internet, just before her show “Simple Life” kickstarted on the MTV. While Paris always claimed that she has nothing to do with releasing this tape, pages from her hacked diary are telling a different story. We are going back to 2001, at the time when the tape was made.

Day 1

I was never a diary person, but now that I’m building my career in entertainment, I need to have a place where I’ll speak my mind. People think that just because I’m rich, I can easily buy my way to the stardom, but things are not that simple.

Hollywood is full young stars grabbing all the attention, and less you are honest about yourself, better it is. I’ve successfully built my stupid blonde persona, so while people are laughing about the silly things I say, that is bringing the attention of companies willing to do deals with me.

I was even a model for a Donald Trump company and had a few movie roles, but I need more! Today is the day I’ve decided that I’ll do anything to be on top.

Day 2

I spoke to my boyfriend Rick Solomon about my frustrations, and that’s when he suggested the outrageous thing – to make me a star by filming a home video. I’ve heard some people did in the past, but that was before the internet era. He planned to make the video and keep it safe until I get the right opportunity. I don’t care if the tape will sell well or not, as I don’t need money. I hope that millions will see it and will finally have my name in their heads.

I’ll be ready once it happens, playing the victim, and telling everyone that I was a naive, young girl in love. I don’t have plans to stay with Rick anyway. He is 12 years my senior, and I feel like he is dragging me down. But now that he suggested the idea, I knew I didn’t make a mistake by hooking up with him.

Day 3

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t at all nervous. We are going to do it today; we are going to make a sex tape. Rick already had the equipment, but I told him that everything has to look authentic. It’s not easy to film something that looks like an amateur content, while at the same time it provides a decent picture quality. When I think about guys jerking off while watching me getting fucked, I already feel that my panties are getting wet. I’m feeling less nervous now – this will be a fun experience. I’ll be at Rick’s place later tonight, and we are going to take our sweet time until we are happy with the result.

Day 4

I’m back home, relaxing in my bedroom, watching the ceiling and thinking about what happened. I was never as horny in my life, as I went to Rick’s house wearing no panties. My pussy was literally dripping on the floor, so he quickly set up a night vision camera as I begged him to fuck me immediately. I’m lucky that he was thinking straight as now we have it all taped. I spread my legs on the bed as far as I could as he was drilling my pussy. His dick is not only long but also fat, so whenever we fucked, I knew I needed to stretch my hole as much as I could.

The same thing happened when he did me doggy style. Usually, that’s a painful experience, but this time, I only felt the pleasure. I wasn’t drunk, as I had only a glass of bubbly. I wanted to feel anything, to make it authentic, but the result was that I felt the excitement like never before. Again, as Rick impaled my pussy, I was thinking about all these men stroking their dicks as I would be the happiest woman in the world if their semen were running down my face. That’s why I asked Ricky not to cum now. We switched the cameras and used the one that will give people a much better look at what is going on. He suggested to dig deep in my pussy, and I loved the idea since he was so good at it.

I felt like a queen of sex, a girl that will make even the biggest porn stars jealous, but I need to have a strong finish. Once again he penetrated my snatch doggy style, as I was moaning, taking only occasional breaks to kiss. I could feel his dick pulsating, knowing that he is about to cum. I made a quick break to wash my face before I got down on my knees and started sucking it. I felt it was the best blowjob I ever gave, as I took down in my mouth as far as I could, to the point of gagging. I love the feeling when a cock is growing inside of my mouth as I know this will all end up messy. I couldn’t believe how much fun I had when I did it, and when he told me he is about to cum, I pulled his thing out of my mouth as he showered my breasts and hands with cum.

Blowjobs are amazing, and I don’t understand girls who refuse to do it. While on my way to the bathroom, I licked it all and enjoyed the taste. I didn’t want Ricky to see it, as I felt I was still not ready to have his cum directly in my mouth. I’ll practice like this a few more times. So, what’s coming next? I have no idea, but I’ll grab the first opportunity for a major role. My people at MTV are preparing something, and when we release the tape, the public won’t ever get enough of me!

Paris Hilton nude pics

Born in 1981, Paris Hilton is an heiress, model, actress and reality star which was made famous once her sex tape “1 Night in Paris” was released in 2004. This blonde beauty was always in the center of scandals, filling tabloids to the point that at one moment she was the biggest star in the world. Luckily, her porn movie was not the only time we could see her showing her tits and ass.

While her friend Kim Kardashian is known for her curves and fat booty, Paris Hilton is on the other end of the specter. Luckily for her, there are enough of us who love slim girls with perky tits, as back then and even now she looks like a teen girl. Paris was never afraid to show her body, as she made her porn debut aged only 19 when we saw her handling a rather massive dick with a smile on her face. This is the kind of slut that would do it all the time if she could, and it’s no wonder she was caught in public showing her pussy in front of paparazzi.

It’s not only about attention for her, but practical reasons, as she is ready to fuck in a second during her wild nights. Unlike her pal Kim, Paris is not that much in the spotlight these days, having a few roles and more than a few failed relationships. Hopefully, she’ll get back on track as demand is still there.

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About Rick Salomon and his cock

Rick Salomon is a hero to many, as he bedded many famous Hollywood celebrities, including Elizabeth Daily, Shannen Doherty, Pamela Anderson, and Paris Hilton. If you’ve ever wondered how did he manage to do it, we’ll tell you a secret – it’s not his fame, money or charm – it’s the size of his dick. Ask Paris Hilton, who had a chance to ride it for a few years during her teen days. In their sex tape, you could see her struggling to swallow his shaft, but at the same time, it looks like she had incredible fun with it.

Even Pamela Anderson married him twice as she could never find anyone else with such a massive rod to drill her holes. Now a successful poker player, Rick Solomon and his pecker are still a magnet for chicks willing to test their limits to the maximum.

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