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Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee’s Sex Tape

Pamela Anderson homemade sex tape

When you think about the celebrity sex tape, then probably the first that should come to your mind is the one made by Pamela Anderson and her former husband, Tommy Lee. Their married years were pretty wild, and filled with scandals, none as big as the release of their sex tape.

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The movie begins with shots from their wedding in 1995, but soon after, things are heating up. As a world-class whore, Pam is not the one refusing a dick when it’s offered. As Tommy was driving down the road in Apple Valley, California, famous blonde showed us that she knows how to multitask.

While holding the cam, she was trying her best to suck a dick at the same moment, before Tommy took control of it, and gave us a better view of the action. You can see how much Pam is enjoying having a dick deep inside of her mouth, taking it up her throat. Things got so heated that they had to pull off for a hard banging session. While that scene is not on the tape, we got something even better as they’ve arrived in Hawaii. Blonde beauty can be seen spreading her legs on the boat, and talking dirty to her husband while touching her pussy. Already dripping wet, she is on her knees and is taking his shaft in her warm mouth once again, taking her time and enjoying every moment. Feeling the shaft growing in her mouth must be the best feeling in the world for her!

She wouldn’t let him cum, of course, as he started drilling her pussy wildly. As she moaned, Tommy was doing it even faster, before they stopped to catch a breath. Moving inside the cabin, hard banging continued in the missionary pose, before cum made Pam’s body messy, as she was happy with the result.

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Bret Michaels and Pam Sex Tape

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As doing things once is not enough, Pamela Anderson decided to go for round two, making another sex tape. She has a thing for rockers as after Tommy Lee; she did it Bret Michaels of Poison.

In this home porn video, Pam is looking better than ever as she strips, and show her perfect juggs, and pussy that is about to be tested. She sucks his cock with a rarely seen passion, before riding him, as her juicy tits and ass cheeks are bouncing. It all ends up in missionary, as Michaels drills Pam with full power making her cum.

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Pamela Anderson young and naked
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Have you ever wondered how did Pamela Anderson look before all those surgeries and enhancements? We have good news. A picture of her was found and published when she was only 18-years old. As we can see she shows perky nude boobs and poses in sexy white panties. She was so beautiful. Who knew that hepatitis C would make so much bad things on her body and face. It is a pity.

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There is no doubt that Pamela Anderson is one of the most beautiful women we’ve ever seen, but her kind of beauty is of a different kind. Even when you see her for the first time, the only thing you can think of is how it would be to bang her. Her juicy tits are always ready to receive a dick and make it enormous in seconds. As seen in her sex tapes, there is no dick she can’t handle with her mouth, giving her best to suck it balls deep.

Her pussy is a thing of beauty, trimmed and ready to be impaled at any time. When she spreads her legs wide and masturbates in her home videos, there is no straight man on the planet who would refuse to nail her. And what about her ass! We loved watching it while she was starring in “Baywatch,” but you’ll get an even better look in her XXX rated videos where it’s fully exposed.

Her ass is perfectly shaped and just the right size – not too small, but not too large, without an ounce of fat on it. Even today, Pamela Anderson is the definition of that wild beauty and untamed sexual energy.

Pamela Anderson young and nude ( pussy exposed )

We have found some of the best nude photos of Pamela Anderson when she was young and innocent. An ordinary “neighborhood girl” look was fascinating in that time and she made huge glory because of her stunning body and shaved pussy which was in that time huge thing. She loved showing off her pussy, boobs and famous ass. After these photos she made two sex tapes and who knows how much guys she had. By now, that pussy must have been destroyed.

Leaked sex diary of Pamela Anderson ( The Story Behind Sex Tape)

Pamela Anderson is one of the most recognized sex symbols in history. Her beauty captured the audience in the nineties, and even today, there are not many men who wouldn’t want to bed her. In 1995 she made a sex tape with her then-husband, rocker Tommy Lee which was leaked to the public a few years later. Pam was never willing to talk about that, but pages from her stolen diary explain how that home video was made.

Day 1

Sometimes I tell Tommy that I married him only because of his big dick. Usually, he ignores it or has that weird smile on his face, like he has no idea if I’m serious or not. To be honest, I’m not sure, but there is at least a bit of truth in it. I was very young when I discovered that I’m a full-time nympho. When I was in high school, boys were afraid of having sex with me, as I had the reputation of a quite demanding girl. I love Tommy’s wild rocker style, as he is the guy who’ll stop at nothing proving how much he loves me. He even went to jail, defending my honor, and I love that about a guy. But, what I also liked is how perverted and passionate he is. Sometimes we spend the whole day fucking, and yesterday, we got the idea to make our home movie! We are packing our things and going to Hawaii, and my pussy is already dripping wet when I think about it.

Day 2

We already made a few shots! Tommy was at the wheel, and when he pulled his dick out, I knew what I needed to do. It’s not like he had to ask me as I was trying to deepthroat him, and it was a successful attempt. I was never that good at it, but at that moment, the adrenaline rush made me do it. I wouldn’t stop even when he was about to cum. I could feel his dick pulsating before he shot his load directly in my throat. I was feeling like the cheapest whore, and I loved it! We are off to our yacht, and we know that it’s going to be crazy. We’re gonna spend the whole day there, and it’s all going to be about the wildest sex we’ve ever had.

Day 3

What a day! We were on the boat, and for the whole day, I was butt naked. I was relaxing, spreading my legs and playing with my pussy while watching Tommy’s dick, and commenting on the size of his balls. Every man loves compliments, but he knew I mean it. I love these moments. We were not rushing anywhere, as we both knew that this would end with passionate sex and lots of cum. That’s why I started things slowly, going on my knees and sucking his shaft. He was paying attention to our surroundings, afraid that someone could see us, but I really didn’t care. We are ordinary people having consensual sex.

I mean, not a lot of people are doing it in a yacht on Hawaii, but still. As we went into the cabin, he was so hard that I just spread my legs and ask him to fuck me as hard as he can. He was going balls deep, and I was losing my mind, feeling an incredible amount of pleasure and pain, hoping that this will last forever. I was moaning like crazy, watching as his cock was going deep inside. At moments, I could hardly believe that this is happening, as I swear I was cumming every minute or so.

I was back to reality only when he told me that he is about to cum, and I asked him to shoot his load on my body. I filmed him spraying his semen on me, and I felt like a queen. I didn’t even to wash. This cum was almost like a trophy, a proof of real love as I sucked his dick to taste it once more.

Day 4

Our tape is done and can’t wait to go back home and watch it. It’s weird watching yourself being nailed or sucking it, but I’m not your conventional whore. I know I’ll be turned on, and as we plan to watch it together, I know I’ll be quick to grab his dick make it massive again and then ride it like a wild animal. We’ll keep video safe, but I am already fantasying what would happen if it went public. In a way, I would love that, thinking about all those guys jerking off. Wish I could have a massive gangbang with them, as cum is covering my face. Tommy might be understanding guy, but I doubt I’ll tell him this!

Pamela Anderson big boobs (Why people love her juicy tits)

We are all different, but some things unite us, like Pamela Anderson’s boobs. It doesn’t matter if you love smaller, perky tits with incredibly hard nipples or are you turned on by giant juggs, as you’ll love Pam’s breasts anyway.

They are a thing of beauty, big, but at the same time also perfectly round, with giant nipples everyone would like to taste. As you watch them, no doubt you think about how it would be to suck them, as she moans and asks you to continue your mission. Even when she is not naked, Pam is not able to hide them, as they are too massive. They always look like they are going to pop up and tear up her shirt! While that might not happen, the blonde was never afraid to show them and let people admire them. In her lonely hours, we bet she can’t resist playing with her melons, as she masturbates and thinks about all guys who are getting hard just by looking at them.

Having such massive juggs is a huge responsibility, but lucky for us, Pamela Anderson shared them with the public more than a couple of times, and even today, they are still in top shape.

Pamela Anderson – Breasts, Bush, Butt Scene in The Girls Next Door

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We don’t know what is your ultimate birthday wish, but having naked Pamela Anderson presenting you with a cake would probably be on top of the list. Even Hugh Hefner looked in shock as she came to congratulate him on “Girls Next Door,” looking like a goddess of sex.

Those melons looked bigger than ever, exposed like never before. You can see how proud she is while shaking her butt and spinning around so that everyone could take a better look.

Don’t forget her bushy pussy, looking magnificent and probably wetter than ever, knowing that the whole world will watch this scene again and again.

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Men don’t like seeing huge penis on other man but females adore seeing this kind of snake. It hurts, but females love pain and enjoy blowing big cocks, that is a fact. Tommy Lee has fucked a lot of pornstars who said that he has one of the biggest cocks that they have ever seen. Imagine, pornstars said that. He most be proud of his shaft.