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When she decided to make a sex tape, Tila Tequila chose to go all out and put many of today’s porn stars to shame. She had all things going for her, including that exotic looks, celebrity status, and that tiny frame. At only 4’11”, she is by far the smallest celebrity that ever did a sex tape. Unlike Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian, Tila took great care that her home porn video looks close to the professional level. When she loses her panties, you can clearly see her tiny wet pussy that looks like it’s going to have a hard time fitting any dick in there. But you would be wrong there!

That tight snatch can do wonders, as you’ll see her squirting like crazy while her lover fingers her pussy. That only drives her wild, so even though she is in pain as he drills her meat hole, she would never ask him to stop. Brief pauses are made only for her to take that shaft in her mouth. You can’t but cheer for her, as Tila Tequila deepthroats that dick the way it would make other pornstars jealous. There is no doubt she was working hard to make her blowjob technique better, but there is so much talent here. The ultimate experience comes as she takes a rod up her asshole! Her ass is even smaller, but she is penetrated deep, as her man probably can’t believe this is happening. When such a little girl can take it in her rectum, all other women shouldn’t make excuses!

And watch for the ending, as this girl loves cum. As her lover showers her with his load, she takes great care of the semen, taking it all in her mouth and tasting it before the swallow. That’s what the perfect ending looks like!

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Tila Tequila hardcore pics

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A bunch of Hollywood stars are proclaiming themselves as lesbians or bisexual in the last couple of years, but when Tila Tequila confessed she loves girls, she worked hard to prove it to everyone. She even made a sex tape to show everyone that it’s is not only her loud mouth talking. What we love about this movie is that Tila is at least on the same level as her girlfriends in this one, who have professional porn experience. Yes, this petite nympho needs two girls to get satisfied, as there is so much to see in this two-hour dike orgy.

There is something magical in watching this shorter than five-foot star as she dives deep in other’s girl pussy, while we can watch her perky tits and perfectly shaped ass. It’s even better when she spreads her legs and has her meat hole tested. It’s incredible seeing her taking a massive dildo in her pussy, but the real climax is the moment when three or four fingers enter it. This girl is flexible and will show you that her size is not a limit, as she screams and twitches, having another orgasm.

You proved the point Tila; this is a work of art!

Tila Tequila lesbian pics

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Of course, people are drawn to Tila Tequila because of her celebrity status and scandalous behavior, but when you think about it, that’s only a part of what makes her attractive. Her looks are so unique, starting not only with her pretty Asian face. She may look like barely legal, sweetest girl you’ve ever seen, but at the same time, there are traces of something else. It’s like she teases you, as she is ready to jump on a cock in a moment. If you saw her sex tapes, you know that she can’t get enough dick in all of her holes and it’s easy to understand why is everyone so eager to nail her. This girl is only 4’11”, but that doesn’t mean all of her assets are tiny.

Her sexy ass is to die for – perfectly shaped and ready to be slapped and fucked. Her tits are out of this world – they are gigantic, and look even bigger on her frame. They are perky and perfect for sucking and having a cock there. Just imagine her giving a titjob, as it would be hard not to explode in a couple of minutes at most. This tiny babe has a massive sex appetite that would put to shame most of the porn stars. That’s why she is always on the hunt for men and women that are willing to have a wild session. It’s like she has something to prove, almost telling the world that her small stature is not a handicap to be attractive and desirable. Ask yourself – would you rather spend some time with this exotic Asian vixen or another generic blonde?

We salute you Tila Tequila as you made us broaden our perspective with you gorgeous assets we would die to explore.

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We love Tila Tequila’s big tits and that tight ass, but her pussy also needs praise. It’s almost perverted looking at it, as it’s incredibly small, and since it’s even shaved, you can take a good look at it. Tila is proud of it since you can see it on display in her home videos. For her, every dick is giant, which would boost the morale of every guy. The worst thing you could do is to underestimate this nympho and her meat hole.

This little snatch is flexible enough to take a massive dick, and she proved it in her home videos. Can you imagine how it would feel to nail that pussy? As you are pushing deep, you could see Tila Tequila struggling, but she would tell you to continue until your shaft is entirely inside. It’s hard to stay long inside such a pussy as you can feel every move, as that dirty smile is on her face. That is what makes her pussy so unique. It’s beautiful both on the inside and the outside, and it would give any man the pleasure they’ve never experienced before.

Thankfully, Tila Tequila likes to share it a lot!

Tila Tequila sex diary may just totally shock you

Tila Tequila is one of the most controversial American television stars. Her reality series “A Shot At Love” on MTV was a huge hit, and since then, she is known for scandals, including a lesbian sex tape she made in 2011. Three years later, she took another shot at porn movies, this time going to the extreme. We hacked a few pages from her diary at the time and found shocking confessions about the whole thing.

Day 1 – A bright idea with a mouth full of cum

I realized that I do my best thinking when I have a cock in my hand. Whenever I need to be creative, I call a boy, and he already knows the deal. I pull his thing out his pants and start stroking as I think about my next move. I don’t understand why a dick inspires me so much, but the excitement gets me going, and that works for me since I was 16. As he was about to cum, I gave him head and made him shoot his load inside my throat. At that moment, I got the inspiration! With my mouth still full of cum, I thought that I could make another porn movie, and now I’m sitting here writing with one hand, as the other is in my pussy. I’m already thinking about everything, as I want to do it the right way. I watched Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian sex tapes, and I’m not impressed. OK, Paris did a nice blowjob, but they both act like amateurs. What I’m going to do will be far more extreme, real porn movie that will outshine them. I already called Mr. Pete. I love his dick, and I know he’ll be up for it.

Day 2 – The preparations

I’m always sex-starved. I’m afraid that if you gave me ten boys for the night, I would have died there because I wouldn’t stop fucking even if my life depended on it. Mr. Pete is coming to drill all of my holes tomorrow, and that’s why I’m trying my hardest not to cum today. I want to become so desperate, that on the day of shooting, I feel and look like the cheapest whore people have ever seen. It won’t be easy, but I have to do it. I’ll probably get drunk and going to pass out. What I’ll do tomorrow to keep myself at bay, I have no idea.

Day 3 – Wet and ready

It’s 6 PM now. I had an awful headache as I woke up around noon, but my adrenaline is so high now that I don’t feel anything no more. It’s been less than 48h since I came last time, but it’s been like a month. I’m having a hard time writing anything, and whenever I close my eyes, I can only see dicks ravishing my pussy. Mr. Pete will be here in around two hours. I’m so ready to do this, and I know I’ll enjoy it. Also, I have something to prove. I might be only 4’11”, but I’ll show every man that girls of my size can take the largest shafts in the ass.

Day 4 – Losing her mind as a cock drill her butt

That was incredible! Mr. Pete is already gone, and I’m still naked, watching our footage. We made a basic script, but once I was naked, it went through the window. You know the feeling when you have sex with someone for this first time? It was so exciting that as he fingered my pussy, I came twice while squirting. I couldn’t believe it was me, as the sheets were all wet. Then my brain shut down, and I was going with the flow. Cock sucking therapy made me calm down a bit, but then the situation got intense again as he speared my pussy. I’m failing to describe that feeling, as this motherfucker has a horse dick.

I took it all, but I thought I’ll pass out feeling all that pain and pleasure. We made a break, and I was back deepthroating him, ready for the next round. As he pounded me doggy style, I could only think about having it deep inside of my ass. That was not in our original plans, but as his fingers were already inside, I knew it was the right moment. Having my asshole pounded made me so proud as I crossed my limits. I know I’ll have troubles walking for days, but it was worth it! I knew that ending has to be perfect, so his load went straight into my mouth. My mission was not to waste a single drop as I licked his rod clean. I loved doing this, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. Loads of cash and loads of cum made me a very happy girl.

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