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She might be a teen mom, but looking at her perfect figure, you would never figure out she gave birth. This slutty reality star is hard to resist, especially since you can mostly see her in tight skirts that reveal her enviable shape. It’s hard not to notice her firm, perfectly round tits as no man wouldn’t want to grab them and lick them. When you see them, you stop caring if they are real or not, as they look so gorgeous and tasty.

Luckily, as she likes to get naked as she did in her sex tape, we could enjoy them to the fullest. You’ve seen a bigger pair of melons, but when you see Farrah Abraham’s tits, you’ll know that it’s not all about the size. Same goes for her ass – not too big, not too small, but tight and ready to go. Farrah is the type of girl who likes big dicks everywhere, including her butthole, which is the perfect, natural stimulant for your dick. No wonder she is parading wearing almost next to nothing, knowing that she is driving guys mad, as everyone would love to get in her panties and taste what she has to offer.

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She might have made porn videos, but even before, Farrah Abraham used every chance to show her pussy in public. It looks like she is against wearing panties and doesn’t care if someone catches her snatch with a camera. When you take a look at it, you’ll probably understand why she does it. Watching her pussy, it’s hard not to love everything about it. It’s shaved and tight like it belongs to a teen girl rather than a mom born in 1991. No doubt that her meat hole has seen a massive number of dicks, but it still has a perfect shape.

That means that Farrah Abraham is taking good care of it, and trains it well using her hands and toys when no real dick is around. This is the kind of woman who’ll always stay in shape and take care of her meat hole that is still hungry for fat shafts. Wouldn’t it be hard to resist her if she gave her that look and flashed her pussy? Is there a guy who wouldn’t lose his mind and nailed her snatch balls deep as she screams and moans? We don’t think so!

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It’s not easy to make a sex-tape that would feel genuine and passionate, but when someone like Farrah Abraham is doing it, there is nothing to worry about. This movie is more than your usual celebrity sex tape, as it feels more like a porn flick. If you didn’t know different, you would think that this single mom is in the business for a long time. When she grabs a cock in her hands and starts to suck it, you can feel that it’s not forced – it’s something she enjoys doing.

If you could go inside her mind, you could probably see that she is incredibly excited as she knows that so many guys will stroke their cocks watching her. But the best bit is when she goes into doggy style position and starts to take it in her pussy, and then in her tight ass. Watching her riding a cock in her butthole as her perky tits are bouncing like crazy would bring people back from the dead! As James Deen goes deep inside of her and she screams, you know that this is something special. Once his cum covers her face and goes into her mouth, you’ve got the definition of excellent celebrity sex-tape!

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You have probably heard about Kim Kardashian’s big sexy juicy ass. But, have you heard that Farrah Abraham is Kim’s the top rival.Yes, indeed Farrah Abraham has juicy fat ass and when you see her juicy butt in tiny thongs you know it is about time for fapping.

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Farrah Abraham’s Sex Diary Leaked Online After Her Sex Tape

After her role in MTV reality series “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom” ended, Farrah Abraham shocked the world by making a sex tape with porn star James Deen. At that time and even years later, she always claimed that the video should have stayed private, but it was somehow leaked online. Pages from her diary shed new light on the situation, and we are presenting juicy parts to you.

Day 1 – Farrah makes the porn call

About a week ago MTV told me they are going to cancel the show. I knew it was coming, but I was still feeling depressed. I’m not the type of person who’ll do actual work. I don’t want to fade into oblivion or to be remembered only as a teen mom. That’s why I had to think quick. Last year I met this xxx star, James Deen, and even then I caught myself thinking about making porn with him. I became obsessed, thinking about our movie, and how it would easily top anything done by Paris, Kim, or even Pamela. I never was brave enough to make that call, but now that I’m out of business, suddenly I did it like it was the most natural thing in the world. James is a nice guy, so we figured everything out. He’ll bring the professional equipment in the morning and assured me that this would be our secret… for now.

Day 2 – Getting ready to fuck

I’m nervous like never in my life. Took a shot of whiskey to calm down my nerves and then went under the showers. It’s 10 AM and James will be here in an hour or so. I feel a bit better when I remember his words from yesterday, as everything will be as I want it to be. I know I will enjoy it, and this sex tape will be my ticket not only for a huge payday but also a way to stay relevant. I can feel my pussy getting wet when I think about it, but I won’t touch it until he arrives.

Day 3 – Ass on the line

When that bell rang, I jumped and opened the door. James saw that I was nervous, but after we started a conversation and he complimented my looks, I felt like I knew him for years. He is such a sweet talker! As I was on my bad, my hand naturally went into his pants as I grabbed his cock and aggressively started to suck it. I must have looked desperate, trying to take it as deep as I could. But that was just the foreplay. Next thing I know I lost my pants as he grabbed me and started licking my pussy. God, that was so good! I don’t know what got into me, but I told him to go straight to my asshole after he drilled me doggy style. I always loved anal, but I would never let a guy fuck me there when we slept together for the first time. It’s hard to explain that pain but also the excitement. It hurts a lot, but he was patient, and it worked. Inch by inch, he went deep inside of me as I screamed so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear us! After ass to mouth action, I begged him to cum into my mouth! I felt so proud as he showered my eyes and hair, but most of it I swallowed. I felt like the cheapest whore, the lowest of the low and I loved it! Covered by his semen, I went under the shower feeling like I’ve won the lottery.