The Kim Kardashian sex tape: The real story leaked from her diary

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In October 2002, now 38 years old reality superstar Kim Kardashian made a sex tape with her then boyfriend, rapper Ray J. To this day we’ve heard many different stories about this, but now that we’ve hacked into Kim’s secret diary, we have the juicy details that will set things straight once and for all and surprise you to your very core.

Day 1

That’s it! I spoke with mom, and I’m gonna do it! I’m tired of being called “Paris Hilton’s best friend.” A few days ago I saw a report on TV where they failed to mention my name. It was just two of us on the screen, and they didn’t bother to acknowledge my existence. What is wrong with these people? I don’t plan to become a lawyer like my dad, and I’m not the type to work from nine to five. I want to be somebody, and Ray J will help me do that. In a few days, we are leaving for Cabo, Mexico to celebrate my 23rd birthday in the Esperanza resort.

Ray J already asked me what I want as I gift, and I said I want a sex tape with him! He thought I was out of my mind, but then I told him a secret – Paris already made one. She never told me the details, but she keeps it around and plans to release it soon. “People will ridicule me at first, but that will pass, and the fame will stay,” she said to me – that made sense. My mom loved the idea, as for years we’ve been trying to make our brand.

Oh, she even bought the camcorder so I’ll have to try it tonight. Our movie has to look authentic, but I got to make sure everything is taped. I’m not nervous; I’m happy that we’re doing this. This is my fame ticket, and I’m gonna use it.

Day 2

Change of plans! We have a flight for Cabo tomorrow, but we will make a sex tape tonight! I thought that we should figure out how this stuff works. I was on the bed butt naked while Ray J held the camera. I always loved it doggy style, so I was down on all fours and asked him to nail my pussy brutally. I wanted to feel like his whore while he drills me balls deep. I was his sex toy, and I loved it!

Just knowing that we are filming and that one day I’ll be exposed as a slut made me come for the first time. I didn’t have to act as I lost count how many times I came. “Harder, harder, I’m coming again” were the only words in my mind I kept repeating. Now that I’m writing about this I feel that my cunt is getting wet again.

I remember how good it felt when he released his load on my tits and face. I like it when I’m all messy, and I didn’t even want to take a shower for a while, letting him enjoy the view.

Kim Kardashian sex story

Day 3

The trip wasn’t that bad, and we had a fun day at the beach, before going to a wild party later that evening. I had a few drinks, and when that happens, my mind can only think about hard dicks exploring my holes. I couldn’t wait to get in our hotel and grab Ray J’s shaft once again. I started stroking his dick on the bed slowly. It’s like therapy for me, making me relax. I’m never in a hurry as I know what’s coming. I decided to put my make up on, but that’s what I always do. I want to feel glamorous while I’m doing it.

I don’t know, it’s my thing, and Ray J needs to stop mocking me about it. He started by licking my pussy and I was already cumming for the first time. His tongue was deep inside of me, and I was filming everything. What I did next was I sucked his throbbing dick, having it up to my throat, deeply and feeling how it grows inside of my mouth. He was so big that I had to hold it with two hands! When he started impaling my pussy, I felt like I could do it all night long. He was on top of me before he turned me around.

I begged him to go deep as I thought I could take it all. I probably came five times until he pulled it out and let me suck it again. I love tasting my pussy juices combined with his precum, but I wanted more. When he was about to cum, his shaft was still in my mouth, pulsating, so I felt his load going down my throat. I opened up my mouth and showed him that I’d eaten all of his semen. That’s what I call the perfect ending. Never felt so good in my life.

Day 4

We are the beach, and as Ray J is sleeping, I’m thinking not about what we did, but what will happen. Mom says that we should wait for the right time to release this stuff and that she’ll take care of it.

She says I need a bit more exposure before we do that, but when the time comes, this thing will explode all over the news. Mom also thinks we should wait for Paris to release her tape and learn from her experience. She is sure I’ll be even a bigger star, with or without Ray J.

If his rap career doesn’t pick up soon, I doubt I’ll stick with him. My man has to be somebody.

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