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Today’s story is all about a 28-year-old actress Jennifer Lawrence. We think that the world needs more good Jennifer Lawrence sex stories! You will be glad we have hacked into her private diary after reading this.

October 1, 2014
Jennifer Lawrence Is Horny

10 a.m. Finally, a few days off. I still can’t believe I’ve finished the filming; it was exhausting. I would sleep more, but after getting up every morning at 6 a.m. to go to the set, my body clock will take some time to get used to this change. I’ll spend this day alone doing nothing. My body and mind need to rest and heal. I’m not sure I will even entertain the idea of reading another script for a while.

Jennifer Lawrence naked butt photo
“I sent Nic a picture of my naked butt “

12.30 p.m. OMG, what’s got into me? I masturbated like for half an hour under the shower. I need a dick, but Nic is not around today, so my fingers had to do the job. I’m always experimenting, but two fingers inside my pussy are perfect for me.  I sent Nic a picture of my naked butt, and I came again just by thinking about his reaction. I’m turning into a nympho, apparently.

Jennifer Lawrence Sex Story Revealed

3 p.m. That’s it, I’m not gonna leave my house today. I cooked naked, left a mess in the kitchen and now I’m going to watch The Kardashians. They always make me feel better about myself. I know it’s half scripted or whatever, but I still can’t resist it.

5 p.m. Nic finally responded. “Can’t wait to come home baby, wrapping things up in Atlanta”. My pussy is still so wet, and I’m rubbing it while I’m writing this. I can’t stop thinking about hard cocks! I promise, I’m gonna fuck him the whole night until I can’t feel my legs anymore.

Pussy Is Shaved And Ready

Jennifer Lawrence shaved pussy
“I shaved my pussy”

8.30 p.m Still think about what’s about to come tomorrow. I shaved my pussy, and I had to send Nic the pics “Waitin 4U”. Of course, I had to finger my pussy again, but I can’t help it as it is already wet. Man, do I feel tired already. I’m still horny, but I need to get some sleep. I’ll need all my strength tomorrow. Going to watch the TV until I fall asleep. This was a weird day.

October 3, 2014
Jennifer Lawrence Receives Facial

9 a.m.  I dreamed about being gangbanged by four black men, so it’s no wonder I was wet down there when I woke up. I used a dildo from my drawer and just put it inside for a second before I promised myself I will cum now, but not anymore until Nic is home. I need to feel desperate for sex.

10.30 a.m. I’m a mess, but I don’t care. I took a shower and made another selfie. My boobs look great today, and I feel they will be covered in cum.

12.05 p.m.  I got sex off my mind for a while doing some cleaning. I’m not sure people believe that I don’t have a housekeeper. Thing is, I never want someone going through my house and messing with my stuff. I would have to lock my toys somewhere and lose a part of my freedom. That’s not an option.

3 p.m. I met Kyla for lunch. The business talk was strictly forbidden, so she told me all about this guy she met last week. I said I couldn’t wait to meet him; she deserves all the happiness.

5.10 p.m. Nic called, he’ll be back around seven or something. I told him not to waste energy as he’ll have to fuck me the hardest tonight. I need his shaft and can’t take it anymore. I’m butt naked on the bed making selfies. I love this sense of freedom.

7.15 p.m. He is already home, and I waited for him in the underwear. He loves foreplay, so I did a strip show for him in the living room while he took pictures of my naked butt and shaved pussy. And boobs, don’t ever forget boobs – he is obsessed with them.

Jennifer Lawrence nude ass and pussy
“He took pictures of my naked butt and shaved pussy “

9 p.m We fucked for almost two hours, so he had to take a shower. I screamed with joy when I saw his thing in its full glory, and I was able to take it all up my throat. I never understood girls who can’t deepthroat. C’mon it’s not that hard. You have to open your mouth wide and give it a shot. He started fingering my pussy, and I felt he could put a whole fist inside of it. Of course, I didn’t say that! He then started drilling me doggy style like a wild animal, and I had a feeling he was never this big. It hurt a bit, but I got used to it. I begged him to fuck me as long as he can and then he exploded, covering my boobs and face with his sticky cum. I looked myself in the mirror and loved what I saw. The cum is still on me while I’m writing this.

“Part Of Jennifer Lawrence Sex Story”
Jennifer Lawrence covered with cum
“I love facials; they make me feel like I’m a cheap slut!”

11.15 p.m We did it again! When he got back from the bathroom, I was on my knees ready to suck him off. I played with his balls, and they were still pretty big, so I was sure he had another huge load to shoot. I rode him on the kitchen floor before he emptied his balls all over my face. I love facials; they make me feel like I’m a cheap slut! Luckily, only these diary pages know the truth.

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