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Emma is an actress and a model who is best known for her role as Mother Gothel in the series Once Upon A Time. This is not the series where she appears nude though – if you want to see that, you’d have to watch Hounds of Love or Glitch!

Emma looks so pure and innocent, it’s hard to believe that she’d agree to strip naked, yet here we are, looking at her in all of her glory.

Emma doesn’t shy away from showing her boobs, and they are a cute little pair.

Her tits are on the small side, and slightly flat, but as we all know, boobs are great in all shapes and sizes.

Her nipples are little and pink, accentuating the milky tone of her smooth body. It’s hard to tell she’s from such a sunny land when she’s so pale!

In Hounds of Love, Emma was instructed to gain weight, because she was supposed to look like she had given birth. Her body still looks amazing, even with the cute chubby rolls she is sporting!

This is also the movie where we get to see her naked as the day she was born. Her quite big bush hides what the eyes want to see, as is the case with most actresses showing full frontal. We never get to see what she really looks like, but even with all of that hair, Emma looks alluring.

One aspect of her body that’s definitely amazing is her ass.

Her hips are not too wide, but they aren’t narrow either, making her ass the perfect size. Emma has a perky, tight backside that matches her milky legs to the tee. There are zero flaws on Emma’s body, and we advise you to have a look at her – you won’t be disappointed!

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Emma Booth ( November 28, 1982 ) is an Australian model and actress from Perth, Western Australia.

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