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Charlotte is a 26-year-old actress and model, best known for her role in Home and Away. This is not the show to search for if you want to see her in all her naked glory though – if you want to see her nude in beautiful HD, head on over to Netflix and watch Tidelands!

She does not shy away from showing her tits, and once you look at them it’s easy to see why – Charlotte is still young and firm, and her boobs reflect that perfectly.

They are firm, smooth and round, and just the right size for handling and admiring in the comfort of your own home. Her milky complexion reveals what her nipples look like, and it’s just what you hoped they would be – just the right size and very pink, they complete the perfect package that is her boobs!

Regarding the rest of her body, we sadly don’t get to see as much. She is perfectly fine with showing off her tits, but her ass is a different story.

There’s a single scene from Skinford where we can slightly see what she has stored under her pants, and you’d have to use your imagination to fill in the gaps. Her body is slender and divine, a beautiful hourglass shape topped with extravagant tits.

Her hips are wide and full, and her ass appears to be tight and sporty, not too big or too small. Charlotte is tall and slender, and you can see that when she shows off her long, gorgeous legs. Her stomach is slim and just a bit flabby, so if you love plump, full girls you will love Charlotte!

She is one of the best looking actresses and models that came from Australia, and you’d be mad to miss admiring her!

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Charlotte Elise Best ( January 16, 1994 ) is an Australian actress and model who was voted Top 100 hottest celebrities of 2018.

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The first pictures of this beautiful actress were taken when she was twenty-two years old and in a very good movie called Teenage Kicks (2016) she was really beautiful in that movie. She was last seen naked on the TV Show Tidelands when she was twenty-four years old.

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