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Helene is a Perth native, where her acting career sprouted roots. She first acted for the Australian theatre, winning multiple awards. Helene’s talent was not overlooked, and from there, her career blossomed. Check out more nude celebs from Australia.

She is now the star of The Murdoch Mysteries. Although Helene has many roles under her hat, there is only one movie where she is seen nude, if you can even call it that. Helene can be seen in her underwear, stripping down, preparing herself for the night.

From there, we can see that she is in excellent shape – a thin waist and tight stomach show us her dedication to staying healthy and fit.

Sporting a big black coat, Helene feels comfortable to show us a little sneak peek at her breasts. Her tits are small, and we’d easily miss them if it weren’t for her lovely nipples.

Although the twins are small, they are nonetheless lovely and firm. Their shape is just right, and they sit right in the middle of her chest, her nipples pointing straight. Just the way every pair of tits should look like!

You will have to use your imagination to fill in the blanks because that is all that Helene wanted to show the audience. Considering that she is in excellent shape, Helene has muscular and shapely legs that end in her tight, juicy ass.

Her ass is perky but small, so if you adore wide hips and big thick asses, Helene is not what you should be looking at. Check out sexy photos at her Instagram Account.

However, this actress has a gorgeous body that should be admired by men and women alike. Her career is ongoing, and we can only hope that Helene will decide to strip naked for one of her upcoming roles, otherwise, we will be left forever teased by the pair of tits we’ve seen in Desolation Sound.

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It looks like the only nudity is shown in a movie Desolation Sound (2005). Here we can see her boobs and her naked body! Hélène Joy ( October 21, 1978 ) is an Australian-Canadian television, stage and film actress.

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(age 41 years) She looks good as a MILF. Here you can find some leaked photos ( non-nude ) where she shows her sexy legs and feet and cleavage.

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