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Peta is a manic pixie girl that shows off even for the paparazzi. This blonde bombshell is best known for her role in Nikita, where she portrayed a badass assassin of the same name.

Peta is almost 50-years-old, but her body shows no signs of aging. She appeared Nude in Nikita, The Sadness of Sex, and Mercy. Mercy is where we get to see the most of her body. She teases the crew filming her from below, blowing raspberries at them while sticking her tits against the cold glass of her window.

A tastefully placed fence blocks her bush, but everything else is out in the open. Her tits are medium and hanging a bit low, filling out in the bottom to form a stunning teardrop shape. Her nipples are larger and very pink, taking our attention away from the rest of her boobs.

Peta, like many of her colleagues, takes good care of her body. She is muscular and firm, her muscles appearing every now and then as she moves.

Her back is long and mesmerizing. Her ass is not shown a lot, but there is one particular scene in Mercy where she lets her butt hang out as a pair of purple undies sit underneath it.

Peta was blessed with a great ass, round and plump, just right for smacking.

Her waist is not very slim, so she may not have the ideal hourglass figure, but her body is nevertheless a beautiful one. Peta doesn’t show off her ass that often, or her tits, – most of her naked pics are showcasing the rest of her body.

No matter what, Peta is very deserving of our undivided attention, and we can’t wait to see if she will decide to show us what her body looks like today.

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Anyway, Peta Gia Wilson is an Australian actress and lingerie designer and even a model who loves showing off her naked butt and perky tits.