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Kate Fischer is one more Australian actress that starred in Sirens. And just like her crew, she also sits naked and still, waiting for her beauty to be transformed into eternal art.

Kate is a former model turned actress, and she also appeared in Blood Surf. She is not nude in this show, but she does end up considerably wet while wearing a tank top and no bra!

It seems like Australia is the land of phenomenal tits, and Kate is the perfect example.

Holding hands with an equally naked friend, Kate takes a bath in a lake, surrounded by Lilly pads and nature. But the beauty of nature is nothing compared to the alluring beauty of her boobs. She has a very firm and round, considerably-sized, jugs. They appear to be completely equal, and so close together that you’d think she has a bra on.

As she bathes in the lake, she plays around in the water, standing tall and naked. Her auburn hair frames her face as she washes her body, and we get to admire that in glorious HD. Kate is in excellent shape, but there are no prominent muscles or bones to ruin the softness of her tan skin.

Her stomach is flat and her waist is slender, while her thin arms and shapely legs complete the beautiful package that is Kate. Her ass can be seen in a few shots, and only from a bird-eye perspective, so we don’t know what her ass is shaped like.

But we can very obviously see that she has a perky, round ass. Her bush is there on full display though, and it’s a little bush that’s trimmed and taken care of. Kate has a stunning body, and we’re glad she gave us the chance to see it. Here you can find more nude celebs from Australia!

Kate Fischer Extremely Hot Naked Photos – Gallery 1

Katherine Helen Fischer ( November 30, 1973 ), now known as Tziporah Atarah Malkah, is an Australian-American former model and actress.

Kate Fischer Shows Nudity In Sirens – Gallery 2

Here we have pictures from the movie Sirens which was shot in 1994 and where we see Kate Fischer completely naked! This was the last time this beauty went naked later she gained some weight!

Kate Fischer Posing Nude – Gallery 3

The first nude photos of this beautiful girl were taken when she was 20 years old and still a model. We can see nude pictures from Black and White magazine from 1993 when she showed off her sexy body and posed completely naked.

Kate Fischer Nude Video You Did Not Expect

Enjoy this video where Kate goes fully naked!