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Carmen Di Pietro was born on May 24, 1965 in Potenza, Basilicata, Italy as Carmelina Tonto. Her stage name is Carmela Tonto and she is a showgirl, radio host and former Italian model.

Carmen di Pietro said that Social media is A showcase for voyeurs. Carmen di Pietro is an energy volcano. Pin-up physicist – thanks to the gym, her great passion – and a teenager’s spirit, the showgirl from Potenza is preparing to live the new year with determination and confesses: “They won’t stop me even at 90”.

She claimed to dream of a threesome with her and Lory Del Santo.The porn star revealed that he had long desired a relationship with the two show women, at the center of his thoughts already at a young age, and Carmen Di Pietro would seem oriented to answer yes to the threesome hypothesis: Barbara D’Urso, however, stressed that Di Pietro probably doesn’t know what it is.

Married in 1998 to Sandro Paternostro, historical correspondent Rai from London, Carmen Di Pietro was widowed two years later.

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When she was only twenty-three, she first appeared naked in the film Snack Bar Budapest (1988) and was last seen naked when she was already a MILF, at the age of forty-two in the film Survivor Series (2007).

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