Amazing! These Nude Tottie Goldsmith Photos Are Truly Amazing

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Tottie is not as famous as some of the Aussie actresses are, yet she has two great roles we love to remember her by. Both in Fire and The Secret Life of Us, Bonnie appears on-screen almost completely naked or ready to be stripped down, and what’s not to love about that? Check out more nude Aussie celebs here!

In both of her roles, Tottie is older, and we don’t have an idea about what she looked like while she was young. However, Tottie looks amazing, better than most MILF adult actresses! This bombshell has fake tits though, so if that’s a turn-off for you, you might not enjoy her as much, but we bet you won’t be able to stop looking at her.

Tottie maintains her image very well, and that’s seen thanks to the firmness of her aging body.

Her tits, even though they are silicone, are not oversized. They are medium and very round, sitting wide apart. Apparently Australia has no girls with dark nipples, as every actress we looked at had rosy pink nipples, and Tottie is no exception. Just the right size, her nipples sit like a cherry on top of her lovely tits, waiting to be toyed with. Her ass is not something to write home about, but it’s still shapely and smooth.

Tottie has a small tattoo cross decorating the top of her buttcheek. Her lovely smooth skin shows no signs of aging, nor do her curves and face. As she takes a shower, a sunbeam dances on her naked body, highlighting the alluring beauty of her curves.

Tottie does not have plenty of roles, but we do hope she’ll give one more chance to the big screen – we can’t get enough of looking at her mature beauty!

The first nude photos of this actress named Tottie Goldsmith were taken in the TV show “Fire” which was filmed in 1996 and then she showed her naked tits for the first time. The last time this lady with a beautiful smile was seen naked was 18 years ago, on the TV show “The Secret Life Of Us”, which was filmed in 2002.
In this clip, we can see how this actress takes off her coat and shows her naked tits.