All Alyssa Sutherland’s Nude Pics Collected In One Post!

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Alyssa is an Australian actress that began her career as a model, and there are plenty of pics where you can see her in bikinis and underwear, although that’s not what you came for, right?

Her most popular roles are in Vikings, Devil Wears Prada, and The Mist. She appears nude in The Mist and, of course, in Vikings. Alyssa bears a resemblance to Olivia Wilde – big, shapely eyes, and a sharp jawline make her gorgeous.

Alyssa is a tall girl, and that is apparent when you look at her tight, slim body. She is on the slimmer side, as most models are.

Her tits are just the right size – not too small to confuse her with a man, and not too big so you don’t know where to look. They do hang a bit lower, but her nipples are tiny and pink, accentuating her milky white skin.

The rest of her body is firm and athletic. Her stomach is almost non-existent, shaped by tight muscles and her cute waistline. Her hips are slim, so if you’re into curvy girls with huge asses, you might want to skip over Alyssa. Check out more sexy celebs from Australia here.

Nonetheless, she is still a gorgeous girl, and her body deserves to be seen naked, as often as possible. Her legs are super long and slim, with no imperfection in sight.

We don’t get to see her ass in all of its glory, but from what we’ve seen we can guarantee it’s a great one! We can only see it slightly, and from the side – her ass is muscular and firm, with a cute perk! Alyssa is a rising star, and we can’t wait to see more of her roles – if she decides to show us a full frontal!

Some Alyssa Sutherland facts:

  • High fashion model known for her contracts with Bulgari, Garnier, Chanel and Hugo Boss, among others.
  • She married Laurence Shanet in 2012.

Have you watched the TV Show Vikings? Well she has a lot of nudity shown in that movie and that movie was released 7 years ago when this beauty was 30 years old! Anyway her first nude appearance was back in 2001 when she was 19 years old she posed naked for BW magazine.