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Have you ever heard of Blu Cantrell? If so, you’re probably wondering if she has naked pictures? In this article you can find out who this beautiful girl is and you can see her nude pictures.

I first heard about this singer when she recorded a duet with Sean Paul on her breathe song, but she also had one hit before that to celebrate her, that hit was called “Hit’em up style (Ooops)”.

Born as Tiffany Cobb but much better known by the name of Blu Cantrell, she was born in 1976 in America.

This beautiful singer is 44 years old and is in the zodiac sign Pisces. She said that “Men are more prone to cheating, definitely.”

Her fans could see her naked for Black Tail magazine when she posed all naked at just over 19 years old. She still had her clothes on, but just a little. She promised to pose naked again.

In the pictures you will see soon you can find Blu Cantrell showing naked tits, bare ass and pussy. She looks really good for Maxim magazine, when she posed and showed her ass and nice tits and good legs.

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