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After much research, we found all the naked pictures from Michelle Johnson. But first let’s start with her biography and some facts about her nudity. She is also a model.

Michelle Johnson was born in 1965 and is an American actress, probably her most famous role being Blame It on Rio (1984). She is 54 years old and looks very good and her pussy still looks  great, plus her boobs look better than ever.

She is married to Matt Williams who is a baseball player. There are plenty of movies like Murder She Wrote, Far and Away, Trabbi Goes to Hollywood, Charles in Charge, Dallas: War of the Ewings, etc.

Her huge boobs are seen naked in a clip with Demi Moore And there Michelle Johnson was showing off her big nude tits in this Beach Scene From “Blame It On Rio” (1984).

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  • She was last seen naked 26 years ago when she was 28 in a scene from the 1994 movie Body Shot.
  • She was only 18 when she shot the nude scene in the movie Blame It on Rio.
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