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Hailing from Springdale, Newfoundland, Natasha is a stunning blonde with a glorious acting career. She began her journey when she was only 15 years old when she went to Paris to pursue a modeling career.

The highly competitive world of fashion never bothered her, and she soon landed on the cover page of Cosmopolitan. After that, she started acting in commercials, but felt underwhelmed by the challenge and looked for better things. At the age of nineteen, Natasha got a starring role in Species. The film was a worldwide hit, and Natasha was appraised for her acting skills. After that, her acting career blossomed, and she acted in over 35 movies.

She even won the Gemini award, Canada’s equivalent to the Emmy awards, and today she is best known for her roles in The Whole Nine Yards, Species, and Commander in Chief. Natasha is the youngest actress to receive the Lifetime Achievement accolade, and you can tell that this lady is a very versatile actress that is here to stay. During her long career, Natasha had the chance to be candid with her audience, and she took it enthusiastically. We’re not here to talk about Natasha’s acting career, so let’s shift our focus to her amazing body.

Besides her incredible acting skills, Natasha also has an incredible body that deserves to be in the spotlight as often as possible. Her dirty blonde hair and sharp facial features give her plenty of sex appeal, but it’s her figure that steals the show. For starters, Natasha is tall, standing proud at 5’10”. Her body is proportionally built, with a slim torso and smooth, long legs.

If you want to see her nude, take the time to watch The Outer Limits, Badge of Honor, or Riders, although she showed up at least partially nude in many more. Natasha has a body made for modeling, which explains her success in Paris. She is slim and athletic, with curves in all the right places. She hides her tits masterfully, but there are a few snippets here and there where the shape is visible, and it’s truly a sight to behold. Her boobs are big, round, and perky, a dream of many women and men, although maybe for different reasons. Her nipples are bright pink and just the right size for her incredible breasts.

Her tiny waist tapers down into wide, sensual hips, with an athletic, muscular ass bearing zero imperfections. Natasha truly looks amazing, and we can only hope that she will continue to wow us with both her acting skills and her body!